Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Wii bit of fun

A couple weeks ago Anthony's aunt called to invite us over to play Wii. We were headed somewhere so we decided to do it another night. Well, last night we went over and had our Wii date. Christy and Dawson also came and we had a big ole time!! We started out playing Rock Band...the country songs were a little easier than the rock ones. No idea why...

Guitar Action (oh yeaaaah!)

We took a break from "the tour" and decided to play some Wii sports. We tried out bowling, canoeing, sword fighting, table tennis (aka ping pong), archery and basketball. Jennifer beat Dawson in bowling. I beat Dawson at canoeing and table tennis but HE actually beat Anthony at sword fighting and basketball. Christy got in on the basketball action and kinda stunk at it initially, but she got better.  :-)

I'm like a bull in a china shop...earlier in the night I was trying to situate myself in a good spot to get a picture of them playing Rock Band while avoiding being in front of the tv and I nearly knocked a lamp off a table (twice)... When I played Dawson in the sword fighting game, Anthony was really nervous. He kept telling me to be careful because I was either gonna hit the lamp OR his nephew. LOL I did neither, thank you very much.

I have no idea why he'd think I was getting carried away playing the game - do you?

Christy took this pic and I asked Anthony why he was holding his fingers up like that and he said it was because that was how close I was coming to hitting Dawson in the head with the Wii controller.

Good times, good times.


  1. LOVE the photo of you! You & Anthony should get a Wii. You guys would love it!

  2. Maybe Santa will bring us one. he he