Monday, July 18, 2011

Last weekend...a late post...

Last Saturday we had ourselves a house fulla boys!
You may be thinkin' oh, you poor thing. It was awesome!!!!
I invited 'em all and they played and behaved
and were pretty cool to hang out with.

Meet the fellas...
L-R Camden (10), Anthony (34 LOL),
Dawson (8) and Cullen (13 going on 20)
(disclaimer: it's not our pool...thank Heaven for neighbors that are family & have a cool pool)

Yeah, there was swimming, shooting, surfing,
cannon balls and can openers and even some wrestling...
boys will be boys...

There was Risk, Trouble, Cranium (cuz you know I love some board games!), wiffle ball and football (remember, they're all boys).
I spared you the pics of the old fogeys (me and Anth) playing the outdoor sports. ha!

 I love this pic of my man!
Anthony felt the urge to grab the ole Martin and play Dawson's favorite song: Toes by Zac Brown Band. You ain't ever seen such a grin on a kid's face... well, here it is -

He played shy a minute, but then sang along with Uncle Anthony. One o' these days maybe we'll get us one of them fancy dancy video camera thangs...
All three spent the night...a first for Dawson... so the living room becomes a dorm room... kinda like camping out, without the bugs and the stars and the critters and what not
The Carver brothers (as Anthony calls 'em)
were too cute handsome all dressed up for church.
A picture worth takin' dontcha think?!