Thursday, December 22, 2011

This made me feel DUMB

My day started out with a bang.

I was of course excited that this was our last day of work until after Christmas. Can I get a woo hoo?

We were having a breakfast "staff meeting" at Cracker Barrel. Already had my mind on cinnamon streusel french toast.

And then there was the other 15 things on my mental to do list runnin through my head.

I went out to the garage and opened the garage door for my bay, as usual.

As I opened my car door, I realized Anthony and I were swapping cars for the day. So I shut the door and went over to his car and plopped right on in.

Smartly I had put my friends' gifts in the car the night before so all I had to do was put my purse and myself in the car and then I'd be ret to go.

Eyeglasses on, switch the radio to 92.9 and off the CD Anthony had apparently been enjoying. Gotta hear my Christmas tunes yall. 



Loud scream, followed by panic, chased by the thought "did that just happen or am I dreaming, what do I do, oh crap etc."

Yep, it's what you're thinkin Lincoln. I skipped a step. A very important step. Opening the garage door.

Now don't you feel better about yourself? Bet you've never done that before, have ya?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our first time at the local parade

We built our house in '07 so we've been residents of this little community a while. But we've never been to their parade. It may be smaller than the one "in town" but we hear it's better.

Back when Anthony's grandmother was alive, she always went with Anthony's mom. Her sister is still alive and she went with us...she's a spry 85

We went to the parade in part because of this little race car driver. . . 
Even though he was concentrating on driving, he took the time to wish me a happy birthday. Sweet boy.

The grand marshall of the parade was the man who sold us our land that we built our house on. His name is Brownie (not sure if that's a nickname).

Y'all know I ain't a dog person, but these little guys were too cute.

Mini horses with mini cowgirls

 Mini diesels (these were sooo cute)

 Thank goodness for firemen !

Joey & Bryson rode their four wheelers. This was Bry's debut on McKenzie's four wheeler. He seemed to do fine, but I could tell 
he was concentrating hard! 

 McKenzie was all smiles with her Pa tossing out candy
I'm sure Jen couldn't be in the parade because SHE'S WITH 
It limits her.

There were lots of old cars and trucks in the parade. Even some tractors. A few Gators and the usual horses. Some with wagons and carriages, and 
some ..... 
with ......
 Overalls and sunglasses... 
funniest thing I saw 
Probably  be even funnier to see em 
puttin the doggone overalls on the poor horse
Santa was lookin niiiice ! 
Do it Santa.
We loved the parade and we love you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2011

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of an ugly Christmas sweater party. How bout you?
Apparently they're becoming "a thing."
Here is our rowdy crew and our "we put the UG in ugly" sweaters. . . . 
and since I'm a pretty silly girl and it was a pretty silly-icious night, I'm starting this photo tour with a silly pic. 
                Deal with it.
 Crazy times!
Our hostess with the mostest
Brandi is the only person I know who can pull off a full sweater ensemble such as this and look so dang cute. Geez, if I didn't LOVE HER so much I'd hate her. bahaha
 Ang showing off her, shirt
She bought that shirt last year after Chrimu. 
You were wrong for that Ang. W-R-O-N-G
She won a prize for best (worst) sweater.

Jenny and her daughter were headed to another ugly sweater party so they dined and dashed. They found these treasures at the Goodwill. 
Gotta love the Goodwill. And you gotta wonder who thought lace would make a good snowman... and puff paint all over the pants, really? On the back of one leg, someone with good penmanship wrote Let it snow. Apparently they wanted it to snow on their overalls.

Tonyia improvised and did a lil sewing. One ornament casualty happened in the car on the ride over when she turned the steering wheel kinda sharp Oops easy now. 
And Cin admits she probably wore the Snoopy sweater a few years ago and would still be wearin' him if we wouldn't ride her like Sea Biscuit about it. We keep it real like that. Can't be having our peeps rollin' up in work lookin' a hot mess. 
The pants - another Goodwill find. 
She won a prize for best accessories. She had stuff pinned and poked all over.
Lemme explain this pic of me - 
this is how you look when you're playing a game and the card you draw says: Dance an Irish jig while singing The Wheels on the Bus Go 'Round and 'Round. 

Have I mentioned Lyndy doesn't dance? 

But Lyndy is very competitive, so bump modesty and any sliver of pride. Dance we shall.
I barely got the words out while laughing hysterically and dancing horribly. 

My dear friend Brandi has a fancy dancy camera that I forgot takes VIDEO. And yes, she recorded me without my permission of course but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it yet. And don't be lookin' for it on this blog any time soon.  
When I was getting dressed Anthony said, I didn't think it was a Halloween party.
Pretty sure he was glad it was a girls only event.

Brandi actually loaned me the sweater. My skirt was a Goodwill find and the leggings you will remember from my bird in a cage costume circa October 31. Had the snowman socks and red shoes already, and my mom supplied the Santa football necklace and crocheted Santa pin. The red snowflake in my hair is courtesy of a lovely Bath & Body Works package. lol 

Notice Jenny's black bar shades (think back page of Glamour)... we all needed a pair 
Here's hopin' this becomes an annual event.