Friday, April 6, 2012

good ole Good Friday fun

As I said in my last post, being a grown up has its perks. 

Like today.

We slept in.

We went to the Barrel for breakfast.

We went shoppin.

I got some goodies. Hubby got him some goodies, too. 

We stayed out so long we had to get another little snack. Chick-fil-a oh how I love your lemoooooooonaaaaaaade!

Then .... to Publix we did go, to Publix we did go, hi ho the derry-oh to Publix we did go. A clean, well-stocked store free of annoying people. I'll take that.

I'm currently considering a nap. I've tossed a load of laundry in. So I have a teensy bit of productivity in me. 

Guess we'll stay in tonight. I have to run 11 or 12 miles in the morn. And tomorrow afternoon we're heading to my nephew Caleb's going away party. He's off to basic training in a few days. : /

Sunday, April 1, 2012

McKenzie's all grown up...kinda

McKenzie - 8th grade formal
She's 14 going on 24...

Or maybe not... 
  I love her playful side
Gonna need to know where comfy shoes were back when we were in school. Things are so different now. My niece wore flip flops beneath her long beautiful gown for her prom. 
Anyhoo, Kenzie's "date" isn't her boyfriend. Just so ya know. 
What makes me feel a wee bit old is that the lil fella's dad went to school with us. So like me and Anth, we're technically old enough to have an 8th grader. Now that's cuhrazy!

McKenzie's bestie is Alyx. I love how these two shots came out. And I like the mix of black & white with the beautiful blue hue of her gown. Thank you Photoshop.

The kiddos had a great time I hear. Oh to be a kid again. 
Eh, on second thought... maybe not. Being a grown up has its perks. :-P