Saturday, August 11, 2012

random ramblings

I haven't said much about running lately. I know. You're glad about that, aren't you? 

I'm training for another half marathon. This time with my friend Angela. I been knowin her since I was 10 years old. Met her at church camp. Awww

Anyway, she's never really been a runner. She's tough though, don't go assumin. She likes P90X and that Insanity stuff. Cuhrazy! We've been running together some over the last few weeks. She goes in to work pretty early so she can't run in the mornings before work like I do. I do that because of this bone melting, mind numbing heat we've been having here in Tennessee this summer. Ugh >-( 

I tested this Gatorade Prime a couple times this week. I'm a fan! You drink it before your activity. I think it helps keep me hydrated and fueled up during my runs. Try it!
In other randomness, I've been reallllly tired the past couple of weeks and I'm blaming the weather mostly. I have allergies (I'm on shots and meds) and this summer has been so hot, it's kinda making the outdoor stuff I'm allergic to worse. Work has also been mega busy lately, so that's probably part of it, too. I fell asleep Thursday night at like 9:00. Loser! 

Movin on... 
     now for the cat story

Tinsley LOVES sitting in this chair. 
It's Tinsley's chair. 
Don't sit in it if you're allergic to cats. Consider yourself warned. No, my house isn't spotless. I work full-time, so does the hub and life is too short for spotlessness. There, I said it.

Anyway, one night this week in the middle of us eating dinner, Tinsley apparently saw something on the front porch through the window. She's done this a few times. She starts to growl and sound like a meanie! Anthony went out to scare off whatever it was (we assume it was another cat because we've seen a few nearby lately) and came back in the house. The second he stepped foot back inside, Tinsley swooped over with lightning speed and pounced him and bit him twice on the leg. Drew blood. Anthony was so mad. And I couldn't stop laughing. I'd give anything if I had it on video. Anthony was mad at her the rest of the night. Closed the blinds so she couldn't see out. Still a little mad the next day. Fussed and fussed at her (like she can understand ha). What's funny is the little brat came over to Anthony once she had settled back down and rubbed up against his legs all sweet like. Suckin up. Cats are so much like kids, aren't they?! 

The other night I was being silly. Common for me. Anthony said I was gettin on his nerves. Said he was gonna get a bucket of water balloons and keep em beside his recliner for those moments. Boom/splash! So one day after that, I had text him something and I figured out I was being silly again (and probably annoying him). I text him: water balloon moment? He replied yes! 

I have gotten so tickled at things a few times in the last week I've had tears. I love laughing that hard! 

That's all I got for ya today. Have a happy Saturday!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bryson keeps us entertained

Bryson the unintentional entertainer... 
He cracks us up, even when he's not trying to.
 This is his "turtle man" pose
I reckon he has a show on Discovery or somethin. I'm not exactly familiar with it... 

So anyway this almost 8 year old is quite the character. See, Anthony's step brother and his fam live next door to us, and this little fella has been known to wander over (unbeknownst to his parents I should note) just to visit with us. Once he came over to play "bideeo games" with Anthony. Drove right over on his little four wheeler. That was the dead giveaway for his whereabouts... after searching for him for a few minutes, McKenzie noticed his four wheeler parked right in front of our porch. 

Well he's big stuff now and pronounces all his words correctly. And he's got a bigger four wheeler now ;-) 

The other day when he and his dad came over for a minute, the subject of running came up. Joey said back when he could run, he was fast but could only run short distances. Bryson chimed in and said yeah, I'm like a cheetah. I'm fast, but after about 60 seconds, I got nuthin left.

Sometimes when you laugh at him he growls at you. So maybe he is cheetah like... hmm

Bryson's pretty much his dad's shadow. 

When he was younger, he'd say "my dad's an expert." And we tend to agree with that. Joey is known as MacGyver in the fam. Lol He can fix just about anything. One time when I was shooting some pics of Bryson and McKenzie, the umbrella we were using messed up, you know how the silly things do. Joey took a blade of grass and tied it. I was in awe. IN AWE... 

Anyway, last night when Joey was away from the house for a minute, Bryson was home with his Nana. We were on the front porch and he just walked right on over. He was there a good 10 or 15 minutes before we heard his Nana calling for him. :-P He had apparently snuck off again. No harm, no foul. 

While we were hangin out on the porch, Bryson noticed Tinsley sitting in the window inside. He said she's fat! I said yeah, she is. He said she's like a 6o pound mosquito. 

They say the camera adds 10 pounds... 
  judge for yourself
I told Anthony the other day I was gonna rename Tinsley... in honor of The Hunger Games, I think she should be called Fatness Everchunk. he he he I'm so witty. 

On the porch last night, the subject of McKenzie driving came up. She'll be 15 in January (yikes). Bryson rolled his eyes and said she looks like drivin, I'm a better driver than she is.

He also asked his dad if he could go get his gun to shoot the bats flying around near our house. The answer was no. Obviously... 

Thanks for the laughs Bry. If you hone your skills, maybe someday we'll be watching you do stand up comedy routines somewhere ya funny fella.