Friday, May 25, 2012

Somebody's havin a birthday (Anthony's big sis)

Anthony (my hub) only has just the one sib. 
A sis. 
5 years his senior. 
She used to cart him and his pals around all over creation, including Rivergate mall. You  know, back in the day.
Today's her boithday. (nyuk nyuk nyuk)

We went to Cracker Barrel for a bite to eat.  
Good times indeed. 
Laughin and talkin and eatin. But no happy birthday singin. She embarrasses too easily.

Kinda like back when life was simpler. 
And people actually used their front porches. 
For somethin other than pretty furniture.

This checkers game stirred up a bit of controversy. Anthony felt like he lost because Dawson was being coached by Memaw and Papa. 
Or maybe it was because Anthony's not too great at checkers. 
I can't say fer sure. 

We parted ways and Anthony and I decided to continue the celebrating... Baskin Robbins

with a chocolate shake for him
a scoop of Snickers ice cream in a sugar cone for me <3
They ended up at DQ. Great minds...
Why isn't there more ice cream in life?!  

When we got home, this little guy was in front of the garage -
Where ya come from little guy? Go back there and stay outta our garage. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a wee OCD bout nail polish

I think most of us have a bit of OCD tendencies. Me? It's nail polish. 

I can overlook piles of dirty laundry, an unmade bed, dirty dishes in the sink, unopened mail... but chipping nail polish? 

Ahem. No ma'am. (or sir as the case may be)

Last Saturday I painted my fingernails myself. French manicure. Are you impressed? 

They've lasted til tonight, with just a few touch ups here and there.

Typing rubs off the ends a bit. And I type A LOT. Paralegals do that kind of shtuff. Can't stand the nail edges sans polish. Keep the polish with me. As in AT ALL TIMES. 

OCD = can't leave it aloneitis

As we watched the American Idol finale tonight, it started. 

Scratch, scratch. 4 down 6 to go.

Buh bye frenchy... it was good while it lasted. You sure were purdy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soccer in the USA (by Kerby)

Kerby first tread on American soil on December 25th, when he and his little sister Kerlandy got off the plane with my brother and his wife. Adopted they were. 

Now, he's about to finish 7th grade and receive a Math award. He could speak English before he got here, but little sis, not so much. 

A lot has happened in 5 quick months. And lemme tell ya, I couldn't be a prouder aunt. And I don't think I could love em more than I do. 

I'm here to tell ya - they're a blessing to our family. 

Ok, ok, alright, enough of mushy Lyndy. Whew. She doesn't come out much. Thankfully.

Saturday we headed out to Kerby's soccer game. It was a hot day of course, but we had a spot in the shade. 
Michelle's sister Julie has two little girls (her youngest is beside Kerlandy here) Julie & I were BFFs when Dad pastored in Kentucky. Saturday the girls had their babies complete with strollers. Aww. Reminds me of me & Julie back in the day. Except we had Cabbage Patch dolls. Ah, the 80s.

Kerby's team played hard, but the game ended with a tie. 

Kerlandy & Avery played on the playground for a little while. 

Kerby made a goal attempt with his noggin (I think they call that a header in soccer, but I don't know the lingo so don't quote me on that). It barely missed. Oh well. I yelled "good try Kerby" and he looked over at me and said "thank you." Manners. Aww

After the game, we ran for a bite of lunch. Kerby's choice - Taco Bell 
Man, those cinnamon twists

In case ya haven't noticed, my family likes silly pics.  

After we ate, we went to my niece Sasha & Phil's apartment. They had just moved that morning from a one bedroom to a two bedroom. Upgrade! It was so cute and homey!
Could these little squirts be any dang cuter?! 
They gave Sasha & Phil's couch a run for its money. ha

Sasha & Phil don't have little ones yet. At least not human ones. They have two woof woofs. Spencer is a mini Doberman Pinscher they recently acquired. Joey is a Pomeranian. I'm not a dog person but I hafta admit they're pretty cute. Spencer licked my nose. 

I had forgotten how much the kids loooove Chapstick. Michelle said when you go to Haiti, you need to take plenty of Chapstick. They'll surround you at the orphanage if you whip out a tube of it. :-P 

When Kerlandy moisturizes her lips, it takes a whiiiile. Waiting... waiting... waaaaiting... you finally hear mom say ENOUGH!  
Mom & daughter. :-) 
Every time I take a pic of these two I think they could pass for sisters. 

Me & my bro. . . we're 10 years apart. I always like to remind him how he's a whole DECADE older than me.  he he he

We had a really fun day. Here's to more of those!