Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enjoying myself...

Well, this week I'm not a-workin' at my full-time employer. Nope. Took me some time off. I have NEVER taken off at Christmas like this, but I can tell ya, I'm enjoyin' it. I like sleeping late and napping if I feel like it, piddling around the house in my pjs, yeah, all o' that.

My dad is doing pretty good with his recovery from knee replacement, in case you were wondering. He always outperforms when they put him to the test in the hospital. He is an overachiever of sorts... but of course his path to full recovery is not over by any means. Keep him in your prayers (and my little momma, who has to be his "nurse" when they leave the hospital).

This morning me and my beloved went for a late breakfast at the Barrel. Gotta use them gift cards up 'fore they spoil. hehe I decided it would be my last "cheat" meal and had me some of that cinnamon french toast (available for a limited time only...get it before it's gone!). It was delish! I highly recommend it...with a glass of milk in a frozen mug, Barrel style.

I got in a nap this afternoon, but that was mainly due to the fact I had the Mount Everest of sinus headaches. Ugh! Unfortunately, sleeping didn't make it go away. Stupid weather!

My beloved is a little puny so he went to the doc this afternoon and got a couple shots in the "hip" and some meds. Hopefully he'll be good as new by the weekend. He bought two tickets a while back for the Zac Brown Band concert (tonight) and the "eat & greet" (meal before the show with the band). I decided to opt out of this event because I'm not big on concerts and I've seen ZBB live twice anyhow. So our friend (my distant cousin) Brandon went with him.

My phone rang around 6 and it was my dear beloved. Oh, how I love him. He chit chatted with me a minute and the next thing I knew, Zac Brown was on the phone with me asking how I was doing. HA! I talked to him for a minute and he gave the phone back to Anthony, said he had to go warm up (his voice). Awww, my hubby is so sweet to do something like that, isn't he?! I wouldn't have even thought to try something like that, but Anthony has a knack with celebs. This is the fella who shook hands with Michael Jordan and once walked up to an NBA player at Six Flags, called him by his initials and chatted with him like they were college roommates or something.

So how do I spend a night alone? If you know me, you know I HATE TO BE BY MYSELF... I had a friend lined up to hang with me, but she stood me up for some shopping. Can't blame a girl for that! So since my Mount Everest sinus headache wasn't goin anywhere, I thought maybe some exercise would help. I went to church and ran 3 miles in the gym (and walked 1 mile). I did feel better after that. I went by my parents' house to check on Max (their cat), who was doing just fine...When I got home I did a little scrapbooking and then I took me a bubble bath. I'll chase a rabbit trail here for a sec - when I do a bubble bath, it's like I'm transported back to childhood. I find myself wanting to "swim" and swirl myself around. After the bubble bath, I curled up in the recliner (which I never get to sit in when you-know-who is home) and read a chapter of my new Sarah Palin book. And now, it's pretty much time to get sleepy. No way I'll be able to wait up for Anth. The show is over, but the traffic is a nightmare I'm sure...

Monday, December 27, 2010

A new knee 4 my daddy

Well my daddy has himself a NEW KNEE. Yeah, this is his second new knee... He got the other one done in '01 I think. Shew, ain't no tellin' what he'll try to do with TWO good knees...he ain't had that since he was in his 20s. ha! He already thinks he's Superman.

Oh and this is my first time to be online with my iPod touch & posting via a Wifi connection. Hehe Technology rocks!