Sunday, May 18, 2014

auntie time and an extra little visitor

I'm the coolest aunt. 
On both sides of the family. 
Hands down. ;-) 

But for some reason Kerlandy hasn't ever spent a lot of time with me. 

The other day my brother asked if we could keep Kerlandy for the weekend because they were going out of town and she didn't wanna go. I said sure, no prob! 

So she came on Friday evening and stayed til Sunday evening. 

And we had a lot of fun.

We spent Friday night hanging with my other bro and his fam (previous post). Saturday we had pancakes for breakfast, hung out a little and then I took her to get her nails done. You know, girl stuff. 

It was cool because I haven't hung with a niece in a minute... since I only have the one niece and she's married with babies now.... so.... the last time I was a cool aunt to a niece we were still tucking our shirts in and tight rolling our jeans. Ah the 90s.

Anyway. We played Trouble and Monopoly, too. She apparently has powers over Anthony that I don't. Cuz Anthony will never play even when I beg. 

I get bored sometimes. 

Riley came over Saturday afternoon. Til then he had never met Kerlandy. 
They became fast friends.

And can I just say the $1 whoopie cushion I bought while we were out earlier that day was definitely a dollar well spent. I'd say we got way more than a dollar's worth of entertainment out of it.

Unfortunately the whoopie cushion met its fate when something happened upstairs and we heard a loud POP ... 
Guess I should've bought two.

On Sunday morning we surprised my parents and went to their church. 
photo cred to my pal Angela 

After that we bought Kerlandy the most nutritious meal ever at Sonic and headed home for more fun.

She and I rode bikes and jumped on the neighbor's trampoline and played some more inside. 

I was kinda sad when I had to take her home. It was fun having her around. 

Maybe she'll come back sometime. 
Cuz I didn't get bored one time all weekend. 
And that was pretty cool ;-)