Saturday, December 27, 2014

hoping your Christmas was perfect!

( waves)

Hi there. 
Yeah, December was crazy busy
I hope your Christmas was perfect! We had a great one.

Here's some of the F U N stuff that's been going on in our little corner of the world during the busiest month of the year.

ugly sweater partying 
winning a prize and what not 
(I won for the best DIY - seein as how Goodwill came up short for me this year) 
Please notice the lights - so pumped I finally got some of those! And yeah, that's a tree skirt tee hee thank ya Goodwill

live tree buying 
our first ever (swoon
when Anthony started sneezing his head off, we took down Mr. Live Tree & replaced with Mr. Artificial Tree 

eh whatevs
Can't stop won't stop my Christmas cheer over here. :- ) 

ornament swapping with the BRAs (back row altos)

Christmas breakfasting with Anthony's family

shopping for the less fortunate with some of my 8th grade girls at church 
everyone takes a pic in the fabric aisle of Walmart, right?  

Christmas doodling 

Christmas partying with old friends

Christmas partying with new friends in a cool barn

singing about the birth of the Saviour with some of my faves

birthday celebrating 

last minute Christmas card making 
 thank goodness for digital innovation and Walgreens for us procrastinators

I did manage to squeak out a few homemade cards (idea stolen of course from random pinner on Pinterest)

concert going with friends  

oh hey there Justin Timberlake

and last but certainly not least
Christmasing with family cuz that's the best 

That's a wrap guys. Catch ya in 2015 !

Saturday, November 29, 2014

thanksgiving recap

We've eaten a lot of turkey and ham this week. And we were blessed to spend time with both sides of the family. 

I didn't take my camera to Anthony's family. (shame on me) 

But here are some pics of my crazy bunch.

So the little carbon copies - they got a lot of attention from everybody. Pretty sure they were in everyone's lap at some point during the night. 

 I think a song was being sung here 

Anthony and I played a little game with them where we sat in the floor and they'd run to me and I'd toss them in the air, then they'd run back to Anthony and just run right into his chest. Then one of em started head butting Anthony - it was so funny. Boys. 
My shoulders and arms were a little sore the next day. #oldpeopleprobs

They absolutely ADORE Trevor. Not a shocker. That joker's such a kid magnet.

You may have noticed in these shots the twins aren't wearing their cute matching turkey shirts with their names. Unfortunate. 
They got dirty. 
Which meant Aunt Lyndy could no longer tell them apart. :-/

But alas, they wore different pants
And because I'm a smart cookie I figured out that Brady had on the brown pants (BRady--->BRown) and Conner had on the black pants. 
So what if people noticed I had to look down at the pants before calling the right name. 
And so what if I still got it wrong some. 

Yeah, I'm that aunt. 
Eh, there are worse things. 

There was fun had by all <3 
----->memories made.. 

Here are a couple more of those little carbon copy cuties for good measure. 

Hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

thankful Thanksgiving thoughts

I suppose I'm jumping on the thankful bandwagon that's running rampant on social media today. ;-) 

That's not so bad, is it? 

I am thankful. 

Thankful for a God I serve who knew me before I was formed in my mother's womb. 
God who loved me enough to send His only son to die for MY sins. 
God who forgave me of my sins when I knelt at an altar when I was 9 years old. 
God who loves me no matter what. 
God who promises me eternal life when my heart beats its final time here on earth. 

I could stop there. Because that's all that matters, isn't it? 

But I'm also thankful for my family. 
And lots more. 

Pretty sure we could all make a list of a thousand things we're thankful for. 

Here's my hope - that we can go past just saying we're thankful and actually show it. That we'd stop and say something pleasant to the cashier in the store even if we're in a hurry. That we'd send that text to a friend we have on our mind and say hey, I'm thinkin about ya. That we'd be intentional about showing the love and appreciation we claim to have in our hearts. Take time to show we really care. 

Because I have a feeling there are a lot of people out there who need just that. 

I'm thankful tonight for a lot. 
I hope you are, too. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oh hey November

Happy fall from our little creek in the country 

I don't know where October went, but hello November
Hello fall leaves floating in the air. 
Hello cooler temps. 
Hello sweaters, leggings, scarves and boots. 

Helloooooooooooo falllllllllll :-)
:: doesn't everyone ::

 Be sure to check back for a Halloween recap and a couple other goodies real soon.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lyndy builds with Legos


turned into this 

Notice the real dumping action folks! Impressive I know... 

Yes, I had to use the directions. Duh... but 271 pieces is 271 pieces. 

The other night I had a babysitting gig for some friends and I brought the hub along. He and the 4 yr old boy had a biiiig time. 

They shot me with Nerf weapons for a good hour. Fun times. 

Gettin shot in the face, the neck, the ear is definitely funnnn times. (sigh boys

The hub built this without directions. 
Not bad.

Anyway the moral of the story is adults can enjoy legos too. 

The end.

Oh wait... 
how cute is this ----->

the scene in the living room around 10:00

Me: His mom says he should lay down. 
Anth (sitting in the recliner whilest the child is hugged up with him):  He's fine. He's basically laying down now. 
Me: Well he at least needs to put on his pjs. 
Anth: He's fine. 
(sigh and roll of the eyes by me as I throw in the towel on being a responsible babysitter... eh, it was fall break anyway)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

September you FLEW BY

Y'all. . . 

Is it just me or does a month fly by quicker than a state trooper in hot pursuit? 

Ok, maybe it's just me. But whew. 

I don't know how we seem to pack so much into a month, but we keep doin it over here in Thompsonville me and the hub. 

September 1st was Labor Day. We don't usually do anything special on Labor Day. So I was wide open for a photo op for Anthony's uncle that lives next door. They wanted new pics of the grandkiddos while they were all in town. 

I love how Avery is playing with her toes. Toddlers are so stinkin cute. Yes? 

While we're on the subject of toddlers, I had another photo shoot in September. 

Avery is all boy, do you hear me? ALL BOYYYYY

His parents are good friends of ours. Love em.

Well here's the rundown of what September looked like for me and my beloved. Besides the regular gettin groceries, goin to work & church life stuff we always do. 
Prepare yourself ;-) 

watched Guardians of the Galaxy
lunchin' with the gals I used to work with
dinner with friends from our old church
got the windows tinted in my new car
had a stupid sinus infection
got a stupid flu shot
got dumb ole allergy shots
went to the eye doc, got new sunglasses weeeee
dentist for routine cleaning/oh you need a filling :-/ 

Ok wait, can you just stop and feel sorry for me for a sec? Nobody should have this much medical stuff in one month. What in the world? And I was supposed to do the ob/gyn this month but I cancelled because I mean come on... Geez! 

All right, movin on . . . 
mil cooked breakfast for dinner for us aka brinner 
celebrated a coworker's birthday by stuffing ourselves with pizza #noregrets
tailgate party for small groups at church
downtown for some depositions with my boss
bonfire for 8th grade girls at church #toomanyroastedmarshmallows
birthday celebration/girls night out for friend at work
anth went with a buddy to the Vandy/SC football game
breakfast and shopping with the madre to celebrate her birthday
volleyball games of some of my girls from church 
panera with a friend to catch up and chattttt (my 1st time to eat there)
musical of one of my small group girls, drug the niece along
choir singing and what not ;-)

Oh and I might have bought like 4 pair of shoes but who's counting? Not this girl. #yolo

Here's more. Cuz I know you're beggin' for it. 
 I'm a cat person so..... this always seems to happen 

anything for the shot

 shooting toddlers is unpredictable

this is what happened while grandkiddo #3 had a crying spell... ok let's go with it, sure.

 my friend at work LOVES Doctor Who so I made her door look like a tardis. Google it. 

 bon fires & roasted marshmallows oh my... 
with some of my loves. . . my 8th grade beauties from church.

 oh hi lil momma... happyyyyy birrrrrrthdaaaaay (Sept 17)

Go Bucs! (some of my church girls)

Ok folks. That's it for now. I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be. 

Til next time. Deuces.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

girl time = fun time

Before summer slipped away and school started back I decided to have a sleepover at my house with some of the girls from our Quest group earlier this year. One of the college girls I was teamed up with also came along for the fun. Bailey is one of mah faves! 

We started off swimming next door. Thankful for neighbors/family who share their pool. ;-) 

And we had pizza and played some games. Cuz what's a sleepover without pizza & games? 

Lots of laughs. 
Some squeals. 
All in all I'd say fun was had. If not, they're good at fakin' it. 

This game was a pretty big hit. 

Each girl wrote down a city, a job, a husband and a number for how many kids.. kinda like the old MASH game if you played that back in the day. 

Well of course they tried to get super crazy with their answers. We would draw each paper out of the bag and it would apply to one particular girl. 

One of the husband answers made one girl scream, jump up off the couch and run upstairs hopping across the balcony, where she eventually slid down the wall with her face in her hands. I'm guessing she thinks that boy is gross. 

We also played hide and seek, sardines style. In.the.dark. Pretty awesome. 

Then we finished off the night with 2 or 3 movies. And popcorn. Of course.
They eventually all went to sleep. 

In the morning we played hide and seek again. In the daylight. Inside AND out. Way more fun than it sounds. Trust me on this. 

Oh, one last thing - 
Bailey drives a Jeep. 

I've never ridden in a Jeep. Never. Not ever.
And Anthony has wanted one since the beginning of time but I've always said no no noooooo. . . . I may have even gone as far as saying you can get one, after I'm dead

Well, I asked Bailey to take me for a spin in hers and.... it was pretty awesome. 

Another reason this sleepover was sweet.
The end.