Saturday, October 18, 2014

September you FLEW BY

Y'all. . . 

Is it just me or does a month fly by quicker than a state trooper in hot pursuit? 

Ok, maybe it's just me. But whew. 

I don't know how we seem to pack so much into a month, but we keep doin it over here in Thompsonville me and the hub. 

September 1st was Labor Day. We don't usually do anything special on Labor Day. So I was wide open for a photo op for Anthony's uncle that lives next door. They wanted new pics of the grandkiddos while they were all in town. 

I love how Avery is playing with her toes. Toddlers are so stinkin cute. Yes? 

While we're on the subject of toddlers, I had another photo shoot in September. 

Avery is all boy, do you hear me? ALL BOYYYYY

His parents are good friends of ours. Love em.

Well here's the rundown of what September looked like for me and my beloved. Besides the regular gettin groceries, goin to work & church life stuff we always do. 
Prepare yourself ;-) 

watched Guardians of the Galaxy
lunchin' with the gals I used to work with
dinner with friends from our old church
got the windows tinted in my new car
had a stupid sinus infection
got a stupid flu shot
got dumb ole allergy shots
went to the eye doc, got new sunglasses weeeee
dentist for routine cleaning/oh you need a filling :-/ 

Ok wait, can you just stop and feel sorry for me for a sec? Nobody should have this much medical stuff in one month. What in the world? And I was supposed to do the ob/gyn this month but I cancelled because I mean come on... Geez! 

All right, movin on . . . 
mil cooked breakfast for dinner for us aka brinner 
celebrated a coworker's birthday by stuffing ourselves with pizza #noregrets
tailgate party for small groups at church
downtown for some depositions with my boss
bonfire for 8th grade girls at church #toomanyroastedmarshmallows
birthday celebration/girls night out for friend at work
anth went with a buddy to the Vandy/SC football game
breakfast and shopping with the madre to celebrate her birthday
volleyball games of some of my girls from church 
panera with a friend to catch up and chattttt (my 1st time to eat there)
musical of one of my small group girls, drug the niece along
choir singing and what not ;-)

Oh and I might have bought like 4 pair of shoes but who's counting? Not this girl. #yolo

Here's more. Cuz I know you're beggin' for it. 
 I'm a cat person so..... this always seems to happen 

anything for the shot

 shooting toddlers is unpredictable

this is what happened while grandkiddo #3 had a crying spell... ok let's go with it, sure.

 my friend at work LOVES Doctor Who so I made her door look like a tardis. Google it. 

 bon fires & roasted marshmallows oh my... 
with some of my loves. . . my 8th grade beauties from church.

 oh hi lil momma... happyyyyy birrrrrrthdaaaaay (Sept 17)

Go Bucs! (some of my church girls)

Ok folks. That's it for now. I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be. 

Til next time. Deuces.

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