Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My friend Angela is now a MRS.

This weekend my friend Angela got herself hitched.

Angela and I have been working together since 2004. And that was when her and her fella started dating. So as ya can see, he's a little slow bout things. *sigh*

Brandi was my chaffeur I rode with Brandi so our first task was to pick up the cake. I was the cake holder. Important am I. 
Then we had to pick up the flowers. Almost left the florist without all of em. Whew. Crisis averted. 

I wasn't the main photographer (can I get a thank the Lord, whew). I was a secondary. That freed me up to get candids and some of the shots the main photographer couldn't get. Less stress for me.

A friend of ours at work ordered this cool personalized hanger for Ang's dress. So cute.

If you're a girl and you're married, you know the whole dress puttin on process is a wee bit complicated. And takes some helpin hands.  
At one point I saw 4 people assisting. :o) 

 The bride wore some bright red scuffs til it was show time... then she donned some purdy navy blue pumps
 Here comes the bride

At the rehearsal they decided to add a flower girl. The groom's niece. Isn't she presh?! She didn't seem real sure of her role... a friend of Angela's kinda helped her drop a couple petals. 

The ceremony was really nice. 
Especially considering they threw it together in about 2 weeks. They've been talkin bout becomin one for a while now, just finally decided yeah, let's do this.

The most memorable part of the day was when Angela tried to put Jerry's ring on his RIGHT hand. When they corrected her, she told us "well he gave me that hand."  Lol Ok Ang. Ok 

 Classic Angela

The top is always the prettiest part of the cake, isn't it?

A guy at work made the wedding cake (remember Riley's awesome super hero birthday cake? Riley's 4th birthday blog post
When Angela saw the cake she was super happy and said it looked just like the pic she had given him. Such talent! 
I had some of the groom's cake cuz I heard it was LEMON and ya know I love some lemon stuff! A sweet lady kin to Angela made it. 

And these...  
 yummy mints, oh so yummy - Thanks Ms. Rudy!

 happy bride
happy groom

And a few more for good measure ~

Congrats you two!