Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas recap - part 2

My fam . .
prepare for lotsa pics
We normally do my immediate fam on Christmas Eve night. But Jonathan and Michelle were in Haiti picking up new family members :-) They flew in Christmas morning safe and sound. So that night we did our thang.
Santa stopped by . . . 

Kerby and Kerlandy had never met Santa. Awww 
The grandkids, er my nieces & nephews 
new additions: Kerby (14) and Kerlandy (8) 

 Miles of smiles
 Trevor may have to go as the Fonz for Halloween if he keeps this up
One of the highlights of Christmas at my mom & dad's every year is the photo calendar for Mom. This year it was Leslie's turn and she turned it up a notch by doing one that's like a scrapbook.   
The fellas gathered round to see all the pics in the calendar and add their commentary. *sigh* Silly boys.
 Our fam loves GAMES!
Anthony, Caleb and Phil had a mini concert in the sunroom.

SOMEBODY sure is growin this year... whew
So skinny it's like huggin a skeleton.
The boys were excited to get the Kinect for their Xbox.

Kerby and Kerlandy like to "take photo" so I'm personally very happy to welcome this sweet addition to the fam. They're the only ones who don't fuss every time I try to take a pic LOL
Mom gave Kerlandy the Santa hat, which looked adorable on her She was all about Mom's singing and dancing Santas. Played with em a bunch, pushing every button over and over. She also showed us how she writes her name in cursive and draws flowers. She may be creative and artistic like Michelle. 

Kerby is a gamer. Video games that is. And I hear he loves to play on the computer, too. Cullen and Camden were so sweet with him, sharing the Nintendo 3DS and watching Kerby play it. Dad showed him how to play the Wii, too. He got comfortable with us and made himself at home on the couch. :-) Sweet guy tripped over my feet once and told me "excuse me." Good manners. Hope big bro Caleb doesn't teach him bad habits. ha 
My family is blessed, always. But this Christmas was extra special. It was a one of a kind experience and I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful, beautiful family!  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas recap - part I

The hub's fam . . . 

knows how to do breakfast, ya hear me?

Phase 1 - Christmas breakfast December 17th with the uncles and cousins, etc.

That's right. We southerners know how to eat in the mornin. Country ham, sausage, bacon, sausage balls, homemade gravy and biscuits (none of the canned prepackaged junk), scrambled eggs and some other stuff I just can't 'member. I do 'member bein real full though. (groan)

Little uns are so fun at Christmas. Anthony's cousins have some cuties, too! 

 Significant event alert: Dawson lost a tooth at breakfast. 

Phase 2 - Christmas with the immediate fam December 23rd

  • Kendall got a Kindle tee hee 
  • Kyle screamed like a banshee when he opened his PSP (somethin he's wanted forever)
  • McKenzie unwrapped an empty paint bucket - Christy's gonna paint her room cuz Kenz has a baby brother on the way who's about to kick her outta her room
  • Bryson piled up the Christmas wrap like you do fall leaves and jumped into the pile a few times
  • Christy brought the boyfriend... we really thought he was make believe for a while cuz she ain't been bringin' him around the fam. You know, like an imaginary friend. 
  • Dawson acted kinda weird most of the night - maybe because the boyfriend was there  ??? Idk, I can't call it, but I did ask Christy if he had taken goofy pills before he got there
  • Terry got a fast money changer (think Sonic car hop)
  • Janice referred to wine as being used for municipal purposes... upon further discussion and much laughter, I straightened her out, she retracted her statement and said it was sometimes used for medicinal purposes, but not before sayin "Aw crrrap, this is gonna go on Lyndy's blog." Yep, true dat mom-in-law, true dat.
  • Anthony, Bryson and Dawson had a Nerf gun fight. Perhaps war would be more appropriate... the battlefield was the entire house... 

Good times. Good good times.
We make the kiddos huddle up for a pic for Janice before opening gifts. Yeah, it's kinda like bribery. This year Janice wanted em in front of the tree.

You gotta do the silly pic. It's a must. 

Loyal readers - check back for the recap of MY SIDE OF THE FAM. 

Video is missing

Friends, I didn't upload the vidjo on the previous post cuz it was takin too stinkin long to do... I'll do it sometime another.

Til then
peace and a bottle of hair grease

Monday, December 26, 2011

My gift to you

Some bloggers may be gettin' all serious and what not today, and that's fine. It is the day we set aside to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. We attended church this morning, sung some Christmas tunes and heard a Christmas sermon.
But I'm shifting to my silly side and if ya know me, that's just how I roll.

Consider this my gift to you my loyal blog followers. I said I wouldn't share, but I'm the first to make fun of ME so .... remember the ugly sweater party? I had to dance an Irish jig while singing The Wheels on the Bus. This is just a snipit of my performance. 

Hope it doesn't go viral....
and have a