Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National what's it day

It's National Running Day.

Didja know? 

I didn't. Never heard of it. But it made me feel like I had to go running. So I did. Ran 2 miles.  

I would need to purchase said shirt on the left. Not because it's a gal wearin it & it's my favorite color, but because when you run you do get to eat more. he he he 

And speaking of e a t i n g... 
Last Friday was National Donut Day. 
I guilted my coworker pal Brandi into running out to Donut Time a new little donut shop in town for us some donuts. But because it was NDD they were out of apple fritters. No good Mr. Donut Maker! Ya bettuh stop lettin me down man.

So who comes up with these national day thingies? I'm gonna need a National Get a Gift for Your Favorite Blogger Day or somethin. (ahem) Somebody get on that. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not so newsworthy

We've been kinda busy around these parts, but nuthin really blogworthy I don't s'pose. 

Here's some random pics from a couple things we've been doin.

bbq chicken = messy!
 just chillin
which is hard to do when it's a million degrees like it has been a lot lately
 pretty sure these two are in love teehee
somebody's missing some teef 
classic Bryson - he was growling as I shot this
 was sick, not no mo! woo hoo
 handsome times 2
Tinsley thinks Anthony needs help restringing his guitar... like always

In other news...
~ Anthony considered buying a used SUV yesterday but decided not to. 
~ I got an iPhone yesterday. Hooty hoo! Pumped fer that. 
~ Over the weekend Christy painted our utility room. I <3 it but can't show ya til it's fully & supremely cutely decorated. Pinterest is gonna hep me widat. 
~ I got a bit of hair news but I don't wanna spoil it for ya. Check back. 
~ WE'RE GOING TO CMA FEST yippeeee and the Zac Brown Band fan club party