Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why Shutterfly has made my day

Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas photo cards to bloggers who blog about their cards. Easy? Yep! So, if you blog and wanna do it, too (cuz who doesn't dig free stuff?), here's where you go to do it - click here NOW!

This one is a cute one that caught my eye.. I'm a fan of the color chocolate brown and I like its unique design. It's called Merry Montage

This one's cute (you know I love polka dots) and it's called Cool Peppermint Dots
And this one's nice, too. It's Lovingly Wrapped and the really cool thing about this one is, when you buy it, 10% of the purchase goes to the American Lung Association. Every little bit counts, right?
That's what I like, but go to and see for yourself. They have a TON of great cards.
;-) Thanks Shutterfly for makin' my Christmas a little merrier.

Keep an eye on your mailbox for one o' these precious little cards from us. . . and thanks to LJo for bloggin' about this little prize. Go check her blog out sometime - click here for a cup of Jo

Feelin' domestic

Today my mom took me to breakfast at the Barrel. That was fun (and tasty). When I got home I started on the laundry and then finally got on one of those wifely, domestic duties my dear beloved has been patiently waiting for me to do - pert near close to darning socks... Anth had a hole in his pocket of some work pants and a hole in some lounge pants. Well, if you wondered, I'm no expert seamstress here. I do well to sew on a button y'all. But I thought shucks, how hard could it be? My mom usually does our little sewing projects, but I thought eh, I'll give it a whirl.

So I threaded up the ole needle and sewed up the lounge pants with skill and precision. Ha, not really, but shoot, he's only gonna be wearin' the lounge pants up in the livin' room and the HOLEY work pants pocket was on the INside, so I was in luck!

I must say I felt kinda proud to be able to pull this little job off....and I only poked my finger once. To reward myself I decided an afternoon of scrapbooking was appropriate... maybe I'll show ya the pages I worked on. They turned out great I must say.

Now, I must go and get floofed up and cute for a Christmas dinner/party.
Later  :-)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy, busy week

It's been one o' those crazy, busy, feelin' pooped at the end of the day kinda weeks folks. Whew, TGIF baby!

I've been super busy at work and by the time I get home and we get dinner cooked and eat up, stick a fork in me cuz I'm DONE! One night I was asleep by 9ish, another I was snoozin' by 8:05 (ha) but I woke up a little before 9, watched a show I had recorded and went back to Snoozetown by like 9:30. Yeah, fell asleep in the recliner and woke up about 2:30 am, and realized I still had to wash my face before going to bed. <sigh> When will I ever learn?!

Monday night Anthony went to his first pee wee basketball practice. He's helping with (his nephew) Dawson's team. Maybe I'll sneak in one night and take a pic. Hehe

And let's face it - it's almost Christmas time so there's still shoppin' to do. I didn't get all of mine done last Friday. I got a little more accomplished tonight, but I have a couple friends hangin' me up... need to find a lil sumthin-sumthin that just lets 'em know I love 'em, ya know? I'll find that special thang...hopefully!

Before I sign off, I don't think I told ya, but we did manage to get our tree up on Thanksgiving day (after breakfast at the Barrel with Janice, Terry, Christy and Dawson). We also put garland and wreaths on the porch railing WITH LIGHTS. Of course it's purty and cute, but I haven't gotten a pic of it all yet... a certain feline brat has already messed with a strand of lights on the tree so I need to get a new strand and replace 'em before I snap a pic. Thankfully the strand that's out is on the bottom of the tree and there aren't that many ornaments down low because I learned last year that young kitties like to play with Christmas trees. Our new thing this year is apparently we're going to CHEW on the wrapped gifts. We're part dog? Idk... more to come on all that...stay tuned...

Monday, November 29, 2010

A shoppin' we must go...

Well, on the day after Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law, mom and I headed out to do a lil bit o' Christmas shopping. We started at Toys R Us, proceeded to the mall, headed over to TJ Maxx and finished up at Kohl's. The worst line was probably in American Eagle, and all considered, it wasn't that bad.. We each accomplished a lot, so that was great. Plus, it was so FUN to hang out with my gals.
I don't know if you can really tell from this pic, but the ole trunk was packed to the max and the bags on the ground had to ride in the back seat. hehe  
And yeah, it was pretty cold that day - as you can tell from my sweet little momma's chattering teeth.   :-P