Friday, January 21, 2011

A funny thing happened...

while watching The Office. Holly's cell phone rang (on the show) and Anthony picked HIS cell phone up (real life people, catch up) and said hmm, my phone must be acting up. I don't have a text. I said that was on tv honey. He said really (with a smile)? I said yeah. He had to rewind it to be sure. SO THEN... he paused it and said text me. I did. Then it dinged (just like Holly's had) and he hit play on the DVR so Holly's phone dinged (like his)... and we laughed. This friends, is why I love my hubby. Isn't that cute?!

Oh, and The Office was bumped up a couple notches for him, too because Andy requested some Dave Matthews music at the roller rink and they honored his request by playing Ants Marching. (Yes, I said the roller rink - watch this episode because you WILL laugh... and a lot!) *Bonus: that just happens to be one of Anthony's top fave tunes of DMB...   stay warm out there y'all!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A play date with Riley

Saturday (among other things) we had a play date with Riley. Isn't he just ADORABLE?! And let me tell ya- he's as sweet as he is cute. (Doesn't he look like a big boy in this shot?!)

First set: Anthony and Riley playing together. They were big buddies! After singing his ABC's Riley asked Anthony if he knew the ABC's. When Anthony replied yes, Riley said sing 'em with me. They sang 'em together (so cute) and then gave each other a round of applause. Then Riley asked me if I knew 'em. I said yes, and he said sing 'em. So of course I did.
He and Anthony always play ball (not my department) and Riley loves it when Anthony throws the ball really high. Well, one time Riley said throw it to the fan and let it go wild. ha He's apparently done that before, huh?

Second set: Riley's grandpa gave him a super cool Play Doh set. I We played with it a lot. I was especially proud of my Play Doh couple I made. Riley likes "making pancakes" and that day anyway, making black snakes. He said I like snakes Lyndy. Do you like snakes? I said no! He said I do. I don't like real snakes, I only like Play Doh snakes.
Even Anthony was impressed with my extra value meal ... hehe Riley picked up the burger and pretended to eat it and asked if it was real.
Riley is quite the talker these days (he's 2 years old). He said I told Mom I want to go to Lyndy's house and we comed (past tense of come for toddlers). I'm glad to see you Lyndy. I'm glad to see Anthony, too. One time (while playing with his iXL electronic game/toy thingy) he pushed his sleeves up and when I asked him why, he said so I can see where I'm going. ha! A couple times he'd be playing and he'd come over to me and just hug me and say I love you Lyndy. That's when I melted...