Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brandon aka BH7

I've been knowin this dude since he was a baby child. But he's all grown up now and chasin' a dream. He loves singing and playing music. So we went to hear him recently. 

good times
good times indeed
Bridgett is Brandon's little sis. You may recognize her from other posts on this here blog. She's my sidekick sometimes. I'm actually kin to Brandon and Bridgett, albeit distant... here, Bridge is posed up with a good friend not boyfriend of hers, Spencer. A nice dude. 
Jason and Melisa have popped up in other blog posts. 
Jason and Anthony have been pals since they were kiddos. We hang with em sometimes, but not enough. They live about an hour away. :-/ 
Brandon's grandparents on his dad's side came out to show some support. But I think granddad had a little too much fun. Or maybe he was just bored. I can't call it. 

Anyway, if you wanna check out Brandon's music, he's on youtube, Facebook, Twitter and what not. Also has his own website. Fancy schmancy.

I'll leave you with a shot of me and the hub.
Cell phone pic so not the bestest quality.

Photobombed by Jason.
He's proud of his work.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Photo a Day Project - first 10 days

My niece started this vicious cycle on Instagram and Twitter. So of course I had to join in on the fun.

There's a blogger wh0 has a monthly Photo a Day project and if you want to see the list for September, click here.

Here are my iPhone pics from the first 10 days of this little adventure. 

Day 1 - You, now
It takes me a million times to get a shot of myself that I can live with. And I still don't really like this one. Ugh! 

Day 2 - Father
See? Now you know why I'm so silly. It's genetic.

Day 3 - Far away
On this particular day, I had done my marathon training run in the rain. So when I posted this pic I said home feels far away when I run in the rain. Lol My house is in the background. 
See it? Am I clever or what?!
Day 4 - In my mailbox
um... boring subject
Note: this wasn't one day's mail
Day 5 - Bright
found this little cutie in the closet - a black light puppet... so he be glowin in the dark AWWW

Day 6 - Every day
Every day I drive a Honda... we currently own three LOL 

Day 7 - Natural
On our campus at work we have a lot of paper bark birch trees. I think they're cool ! 

Day 8 - At night
The morning of this asssignment I had run 9 miles with my pal Angela AND we had cleaned & cooked etc. because we had friends over so I was POOPED! Tinsley was the easiest/quickest thing to shoot. :-)  

Day 9 - Something you do most weekends
I took this whilest they were praying. Shh!
We have been churchin' at a new place for a couple months and lovin' it!

Day 10 - Black + white
Me and my pals Brandi & Angela were all wearing black peep toe pumps so of course Lyndy saw that as a photo op. 

Yes I remember 9/11

I'm sure everyone is sensitive to what day it is today. 

I have two friends who have birthdays on September 11th. 

That date didn't really mean much to most people until 2001. 

We all remember where we were when we first heard the terrible news. 

I was walking into my office and my coworker Darlene asked if I had heard. They immediately started showing it on the tvs throughout the building. 
And we watched. 
In shock. 
And with sadness. 
And fear.

I have a nephew who recently joined the Army. Makes the events of 9/11 have a different perspective for me. I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been for the spouses and family members that day as they watched their loved ones sacrifice to try to save innocent lives. Pride and selfishness all together I'd say. Somebody's gotta do it, they'll say. But why does it have to be my son? My husband? My sister? WHY? 

Some of the brave firemen, police officers and paramedics lost their lives saving others that day. 

We should be thankful there are folks out there who are willing to do this for us. And we should pray for the families they left behind. 

Because that spot at the dinner table will always be empty. 

Let us never forget. 
And God bless America.