Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Photo a Day Project - first 10 days

My niece started this vicious cycle on Instagram and Twitter. So of course I had to join in on the fun.

There's a blogger wh0 has a monthly Photo a Day project and if you want to see the list for September, click here.

Here are my iPhone pics from the first 10 days of this little adventure. 

Day 1 - You, now
It takes me a million times to get a shot of myself that I can live with. And I still don't really like this one. Ugh! 

Day 2 - Father
See? Now you know why I'm so silly. It's genetic.

Day 3 - Far away
On this particular day, I had done my marathon training run in the rain. So when I posted this pic I said home feels far away when I run in the rain. Lol My house is in the background. 
See it? Am I clever or what?!
Day 4 - In my mailbox
um... boring subject
Note: this wasn't one day's mail
Day 5 - Bright
found this little cutie in the closet - a black light puppet... so he be glowin in the dark AWWW

Day 6 - Every day
Every day I drive a Honda... we currently own three LOL 

Day 7 - Natural
On our campus at work we have a lot of paper bark birch trees. I think they're cool ! 

Day 8 - At night
The morning of this asssignment I had run 9 miles with my pal Angela AND we had cleaned & cooked etc. because we had friends over so I was POOPED! Tinsley was the easiest/quickest thing to shoot. :-)  

Day 9 - Something you do most weekends
I took this whilest they were praying. Shh!
We have been churchin' at a new place for a couple months and lovin' it!

Day 10 - Black + white
Me and my pals Brandi & Angela were all wearing black peep toe pumps so of course Lyndy saw that as a photo op. 

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