Monday, November 4, 2013

::F A L L F U N::

I just love F A L L !

Don't you?! 

I love puttin this cute stuff in my front yard... 
happy little pumpkins, happy little mums

And there are just so many fun activities in the fall. And don't you just looooove the beautiful colors God paints on all the trees?! 


For the past few years my inlaws have hosted a fall cookout at their house and it's ALWAYS loads of fun. There's always an abundance of yummy food. And the kids run around a lot chasin' each other, throwing football or kicking the soccer ball. If the grown ups get dibs, they dominate the corn hole boards. This year it seemed like the kids played more than the big folks. 

And there's always plenty of laughin' and talkin' 

This year I took mostly candids. In a world of selfies and posed shots of everyone tryin' to look their best, I'm still a big ole fan of candids... 

~~~ E N J O Y ~~~

 Sawyer, 20 months
laughin' at something my mother-in-law was doing

 Evelyse is lookin' serious about somethin... not sure what... she's 2 and is about to be a big sister

 little Haley is 7 months old and she might have tried to eat grass... and a bug... 

 Every year these two cousins end up chatting away

 My hubby was cuttin' up and carryin' on pretty fierce 
with my father-in-law's brother Wendall...

 nom nom burgers, dogs, chili... 

 these little ones were kinda fighting over who could throw the bags down in the hole... 
not the usual method of play but hey, it kept them pretty happy 

this is what happens when a C L O W N like Tony sees you're about to take his pic... Fake candid LOL 

Hay riiiiiiide !!! 

 Me & the hub rode in the bed of the truck
cuz we're cool like that 

Roasted marshmallows are just THEEEEEE best yall !!!!

If you haven't done somethin FALL-Y yet there's still time... but hurry!