Sunday, January 11, 2015

a look back at 2014

ahhh 2014 so quickly you went by

I didn't really set any goals for 2014. It was definitely a busy year. Not really significant in the change department but here's a little recap anyway - - 
please don't expect this to be brief cuz I'd hate to disappoint you ;-)

* movies we watched *
Now You See Me really good flick
Divergent five stars, two thumbs up
Margin Call big fat dud - don't watch it
Good People we liked this one
Mockingjay not my fave of the Hunger Games series but good
Guardians of the Galaxy (five stars, two thumbs up)
Twilight movies (all of em/don't judge) 
Maleficent (ahh Disney thank youuuu #faithinDisneyrestored)
Captain America (five stars, two thumbs up)
Nonstop (five stars, two thumbs up)
  eh, I think Anthony had a few more he went to see with the fellas & I probably missed one or two we watched at home. 

* live music we enjoyed *  
Justin Timberlake wowserssss, totally last minute decision and well, last minute for the win cuz yessssss 
OAR this was a show Anthony took in with a friend
Opry x2
Zac Brown Band fan club event before CMA fest
Tonic & Vertical Horizon let's kick it back to the 90s yall yeahhh 
Listening Room x2 - once to hear a buddy of ours and another time to hear a guy at our church
Kari Jobe before this I loved Kari Jobe and after this I loved her even more. In the VIP Q&A before the show she shared some personal stuff & man, her heart for Jesus really challenged me. 

* my dabbling with photography * 
another slow year & I had to replace my camera 
~ boutique shots for a friend of a friend trying to expand her biz check out her shop online

~ Anthony's uncle's grandkids

~ our friends & their little one (two separate shoots; the 1st one was kinda a wash because of my camera acting up)

~ helped a friend with a wedding (I LOOOVE being the secondary photographer it's kinda my fave)
Ang is in the yellow & is good friends with the bride

~ Girl Scouts gig

* books I read * 
Twilight books all of em/don't judge
The Street Lawyer
The Rainmaker
Kisses for Katie 
...and I've started The Partner 
I was on a bit of a John Grisham kick ha oldies but goodies

* trips * 
just a few
Gatlinburg after Christmas 
 it was rainy & dreary but we shopped and ate and chilled like we always do
...and discovered a new yummy place to eat - JT Hannah's in Pigeon Forge 
(sweet tea in mason jars is life)

Fort Walton Beach always fun times with the fam

overnight for DMB in Alabama

and I did the usual youth trips at church for Quest, camp and Girls Retreat (you've seen pics of these if you follow me on instagram & twitter) 

* family stuff * 
I'll start with my fave - 
~ me & Anthony celebrated 15 years of marriage awww We celebrated by eating a big fat burger at The Pharmacy (our first time there) and man oh man we'll definitely be going back!
~ my dad returned to pastoring 
~ we watched a lot of basketball played by the nephews, Dawson & those Carver brothers - Dawson is in 6th grade, Cam is now in 8th grade & Cullen's a junior in high school  * tears * 
~ speaking of Cullen, he's officially driving now and I just can't :-/

~ McKenzie, also driving, got her first car and is officially an employee at her family's restaurant. Waiting tables, washing dishes and what not. Oh and in case you care, her car is a slick Mustang silver in color and has only been dented a couple times so far. Both times it was the other guy's fault so. 
~ Caleb (Army nephew) is now stationed in Fort Walton (woot woot) and he got to come home in July for a visit. So of course there was a cookout in his honor cuz food.
ok let's do a silly pic everybody
Caleb apparently doesn't do silly. 
~ Kerlandy spent an entire weekend with us. First time for her to spend the night. We had a ball playin games & doing girly stuff like going to get manicures. 

~ the twins turned 1. Again ---> * tears * 

Time slow down please. You're killin me.

* friend stuff * 
~ Bridget graduated from college, got her first teaching job & I helped a little with her classroom. So happy for her.

~ celebrated a couple friends' birthdays by going out to dinner - steak for Brandi cheesecake for Ang 
~ took my bestie to Cheesecake Factory (her 1st time) AND introduced her to The Container Store weeee

~ got to hang out with friends here and there, even hung with the gang from our old church to celebrate our friends new home
~ went to a Titans game with my buddy Kelly

~ had some ice cream with Catie & Logan from camp (college girls who love Jesus are the best) 
~ went to Starbucks for the first time everrr with my friend Camille (another college girl I met at camp who loves Jesus)
~ another Starbucks date with my friend Kass (yet another college girl from church who loves Jesus)
~ had some good hangs with the Back Row Altos (aka the BRAs) eating chippy dippy, doing ornament swaps and just talking, laughing and loving life ... and Jesus 
~ yard sale experience with my pal Karen - now that one was memorable for sure 

~ surprise birthday party for our friend turning 50 cuz surprises are the best!
~ we also like hangin out with these kids lol
~and various other friendsy stuff like hanging out, grilling out and laughing the day away

last but not least 
* the totally random stuff * 
~ I celebrated my 10th anniversary at work * whoa * 
~ traded my Accord in on a new Civic and I'm happy about it (zip zip) 
~ I had 4 sinus infections :-/ 
~ finally FINALLYYYY found some tall boots that fit these big calves of mine & they were a steal - not to brag but we girls gotta be thankful for a deal, right? I got some Lucky brand leather boots at Ross for $79.99 - I think they were cheap because the seam up the front of the right boot is the tiniest bit crooked. Who cares?! Not this girl!
~ lots of crafty stuff including a bit of hand lettering doodles but the best is always when it's with my bestie

decorating office doors at work, making cutesy cards with my cricut, creating a guitar out of diapers, painting, making ugly Christmas sweaters, wrapping lotsa yarn around a picture frame to hang on our front door, and making a sign for Bridgett's classroom #nbd

~ I had my first lunch at the farmer's market in Nashville - yummy & a very neat place to hang out #crepesforthewin

~ speaking of food I made my first layer cake & it was a recipe from Southern Living magazine - the cover no less - and it was soooo good! 

~ I had my first experience at The Container Store & it was a life changer yall

~ Mason, our ringbearer, the kid I've literally watched grow up from infant to adult, got himself hitched 

being a small group leader and involved in so much of the student ministry events at church I got myself a little more involved with attending some of my girls' stuff this year... like volleyball games, band concerts, singing recitals, plays, bonfires and what not... I even hosted the girls in my group from Quest for a little sleepover and it was soooo fun! I love my girls!!
speaking of church, this year we sadly lost our pastor.. he's with Jesus now but we miss him realllllyyyy bad

Well yall I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for hangin with me on this very long post. Hope your 2015 is off to a great start :-)  

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see ya :-P