Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunday & my daddy

You might 'member me tellin' ya about my sweet daddy deciding to stop the pastoring full-time scene and go into full-time evangelism. Maybe you don't. It's okay. I know you have a lot to keep up with. For a memory refresher - the leaving story :-(

Well, this week he's been preaching a revival close by (FINALLY) and we were able to slip away from our church to go hear him. We went Sunday morning and surprised him. Cuz I'm sneaky pete like that. I think he was glad too because after service he hugged me and cried. He's a crier sometimes. It's sweet. 

The guy who pastors this church came to our church before he started pastoring and we've known him and his fam only for like ever. They're good people.

Well actually Anthony's kinda kin to the pastor, but where we come from aireebody's kin to aireebody.

Anyhoo, the pastor asked us to do the music for one night of revival. It was so fun (yes it is fun to serve God) and the atmosphere in the service was just wonderful. We went every night except one and really enjoyed hearing Dad preach and being with him and Mom in service together. We haven't been together in church since September. 
 yeah this is a fake posed pic - I try not to disrupt service with flash photog ... I have a smidge of common sensoroni
SPOTLIGHT ON BW (boom boom) Can't leave him out - he was kinda hidden in the group pic. 
Wouldn't want him gettin' an inferiority complex 

James 5:14 Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord.

If the weather hadn't gone all JANUARY SNOWY on us, we'd a been there tonight again. Oh well. It was real good while it lasted. Real good.

I'm so very blessed to have parents that have always lived a great example in front of me and took us kiddos to church and taught us about God. Cuz I'm tellin'  ya, there are days that God carries me. I can't imagine Him not being a part of my life. And it all started with the two folks I call Mom and Dad. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

This was our Saturday

Saturdays are supposed to be lazy, do anything ya want days, right? 
We had things to do and places to be on Saturday. 
It went something like this.

8:30ish - hope outta  bed, eat oatmeal & drink a little water before heading out to run 2 miles

9:30ish - shower & get presentable for the day's events 

11:15 - Camden's basketball game

This was only mine & Anthony's second visit with Kerby & Kerlandy since they became a part of the fam on Christmas Day. 

1:00 - Christmas dinner with my mom's side (they do it in recent years on the 1st Saturday in January because everybody's soooo bizzy)
 My cousin's 7 week old presh baby girl
She was as tiny as a baby doll.
 Pretty sure I'm his favorite niece
 No tellin what Anthony and Jonathan were talkin about but I love this candid

 The kiddos played pretty well together - Kerlandy precisely set out 
the dishes like they did in the orphanage in Haiti
 Mom and daughter
 Papa and son
Kerby was soooo proud of his personalized hoodie
like every pic I took of him on Saturday he's showing off the name :-P
 Kerby informed us that when he plays basketball (here) 
he will be THE BEST
 Mom with her sisters and brother. Mom's the baby. 
We couldn't get the kids to be anything close to still or posed for a pic with us, but I love this shot anyway. It shows their personalities.

3:00 - birthday cake for McKenzie (she turned 14 last week)

4:30 - Dawson's basketball game (Anthony helps coach his team)
No pics because they were running behind schedule like an hour (due to 2 kids puking on the court and one kid passing out...zoinks!) so we went over there and stayed a while, but didn't get to see much of his game. Cuz we had...

6:00 - business meeting at church

After that we went to grab some grub with chums. We had a good time, but all said, I was a pooped pup by the time I hit the hay that night.

I'll tell ya about Sunday's events tomorrow...stay tuned