Friday, January 23, 2015

the great smoky mountains yall / happy anniversary to us


Don't let this picture from our room deceive you. The whole time we were in the mountains it was gloomy, cold & halfway rainy. :-/

Until the morning we headed home - the sun was out and the sky was blue. :-/

Me & my man were supposed to go in November close to our anniversary. We've been headin to the smokies most years since we got hitched. That's where we honeymooned. 

This year (2014) was our 15th anniversary. I had high hopes of a big trip to Hawaii. Then I had a reality check lowered my expectations and really worked on a Disney trip. Shucks, we haven't been since 2005. Mickey has probably already forgotten about me by now. * tears * 

But, as it turns out I'm married to a fella who hates to fly and isn't a fan of driving too far. Oh and he likes to save money more than spend it. 

To the smokies we did go. 

We didn't get to go in November because we decided to go to our pastor's funeral. That's why we ended up going right after Christmas. 

It was nice. I read a book. Anthony enjoyed the rocking recliner in our condo whilest watching sports. So basically it was just like being at home. With a different view out the window. 

We always check out the outlet mall called Tanger at Five Oaks. Grabbed up a couple deals over there. 

The other thing we always enjoy about a trip is having different restaurant choices. 

This time we tried a place that's kinda new - JT Hannah's 
 sweet tea served in a Mason jar?

 this was my philly - obviously I had to cut it in half to even begin to handle it
it was delish & even the fries were really tasty actually
Our appetizer was some sort of cheese bites & they were amazing!

We took this silly pic because our friends have the last name Hannah & I wanted to send it to em and ask if this was some of their folks lol

Anyway, we'll definitely go back. It was good! Real good!

We also went back to Bennett's and had some bbq. 

I was underwhelmed by the fried corn on the cob. I thought it would have a crust sorta, but it just seemed like greasy corn on the cob. The mac n cheese didn't disappoint and neither did my pulled pork sammy. Yum yum!

Anthony had some kind of plate of meats. Based on the smackin and finger lickin I'm gonna say he was pleased with his. I always tell him I have trouble watching him eat wings. Reminds me of a caveman who just made his kill & just devours it... eh, whatev. To each his own. 

Last time we were in the burg we didn't get a funnel cake. What a shame! 
We got one this time :-) 
Let's pause a moment and be thankful for whoever invented these heavenly little things. 

And why is it that I CRAVE ice cream on vacation? Am I alone in this? Ok, fine.

While I'm talking about food lemme go ahead and tell ya to save your money & skip Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. It's decent food with high prices because let's be honest, it's all about hooking the tourists. The live music was neat, but we probably won't go back. Jimmy, stick to your tunes buddy.
It is in that cool new area called the Island - they have a ginormous ferris wheel and lots of shops. Pretty neat, but I'd spend my $ on the ride up in the wheel instead of Jimmy's dinner plate. But that's just me. 

Moving on. 

Caramel corn. Or is it carmel corn. Or karmel korn.
It tastes good & we bought some & here's a pic. 

Seriously though, we had a nice time slowing down a bit and just enjoying a few days away from home. Happy belated anniversary to us! 15 years down and at least 60 more to go