Thursday, July 12, 2012

another kitchen mishap

If you read my blog entry from the Pinterest party ~here it is if you missed it~
you know I'm prone to spilling things. Remember this? the Hamburger Helper incident of February 2011 
um yeah, I should be smacked for cooking HH anyway. Shame on me. And our love of processed foods.

Anyway, last night I had yet another kitchen mishap. Lyndy style. Sorry, no pics.

I fixed spaghetti pepperoni casserole, a recipe I've made a lot since I've been a married girl. It's pretty tasty, but we haven't had it in a while. I'll give ya the recipe at the bottom of this blog post. 
Courtesy of my sis-in-law 

One of the steps in this recipe is to put some butter in the 9x13 glass dish and stick her in the oven to melt said butter. Ok. Then ya sprinkle some parm in there and toss the ole noodles around in it. 

Hungry yet? 

Well obviously when you take it out of the oven, she's hot. So I put the dish on a couple potholders. Constructed the casserole and stuck her back in the oven to get the cheese good and melted. 

Then I went back to the living room to sit a spell. And to play Words with Friends. 

A few minutes passed and Anthony asked "what's that smell?" 

I jumped up from the couch and went to investigate. I didn't smell anything. Until I opened the oven. And smoke came out. Dark smoke. 

A potholder was wedged in the door and was kinda burning. 

I pulled it out and threw it in the sink. No flames. But a tiny spot on it was bright reddish white. I drenched it with water. 

Crisis averted.

I reckon Anthony saved the day. And his worries about the casserole tasting icky - not a bit! It tasted just fine. Not that he would touch it til I tasted it first. (sigh) 

Here's the recipe - just don't cook your potholder with it.

Spaghetti Pepperoni Casserole
   by Leslie
3 lasagna noodles (or 4 if you're afraid one of em might stick or you might drop it in the floor, not that I've ever done that) 
OR a box of spaghetti
1 lb ground beef
1 jar spaghetti sauce
1 package pepperoni slices 
1 package shredded mozzarella cheese
1 stick of butter (I use half a stick)
Parmesan cheese (you be the judge of how much)

Heat oven to 350. Melt butter in 9x13 glass dish. Sprinkle parmesan cheese in butter. Brown ground beef & drain. Cook noodles & drain. Toss noodles in butter and parmesan cheese. Layer pepperoni slices on top of noodles, then the ground beef. Next pour spaghetti sauce over meat. Last, sprinkle mozzarella on top (and some parm if you want). Bake until cheese melts.

Enjoy my stupidity carelessness and this yummy recipe. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laundry room makeover

My laundry room recently got a little makeover...

From a shade of grey (or is it gray)
to a chocolatey shade of brown (think Hershey bar)
I'm hoping it doesn't make me want to eat the laundry (hayuk hayuk)
It's actually an Olympic color (from Lowe's) called Seal Skin

The painter was Anthony's sis, Christy
          See her in action !
nice (she doesn't even tape off)

We've been in our house almost 5 years (time flies) and one night a couple years ago I guess, Anthony had a little tummy trouble and kinda barfed a bit before he made it all the way to the potty. So bless his heart, he cleaned the walls and of course with lovely flat paint, left smudges. Thus, the laundry room makeover.

So for the "art" I wanted to do, I had seen this nifty thing on Pinterest where you can transfer images to canvas yourself. A little DIY. (ahem
So away I went - 
     to shoot some laundry room art...

I had to get my mother-in-law to help me since she had the nearest, straightest clothes line. See her arm in the right margin?
from that ...
      to this (courtesy of Photoshop)
The clothespins were all dry rotted from long term exposure. And we fiddled with the line a little too much cuz we ended up breaking it. Ha! That's why Janice was having to hold it up.  

This shot was cool, but didn't make the cut.
Went with this one instead.

And a little stack of folded towels by the laundry basket seemed to round it out fine. 
I realize the other shots are more old school, but eh, who cares?! It's my laundry room and I can mix it up if I wanna. 

So anyway, back to my project... on Pinterest I found this blog that had the instructions for putting a picture on canvas. 
*Note: You print your image on copy paper with a laser printer, not an inkjet because your image will smear into a mess if you use inkjet. And since one of mine had words, I had to print my image in mirror image.
Click here for the instructions

FYI - Mod Podge does a lot of little cool things...
This is what my canvas looked like after brushing on a pretty good coat of Mod Podge 
You flip your picture over and smush it down, trying to get all the creases out. The one on the right had just been smushed down. 
The one on the left is in the next step...after letting it dry a few hours (or overnight, which is what I did), you spray it with water and start peeling. And you peel a lot. A whooooole lot. 
And you'll think you're all done, but then as it dries, you see this... more paper to peel (sigh) here we go again... 

But it's worth it folks -  
This shot is my fave!
I like how distressed, vintage and OLD it looks ~

And my other little project involved photography, too!
I found this canvas art at Big Lots for $9.99. 
It was cute enough, but I needed it to have more BROWN in it... so I just slapped on some more of the wall paint and voila 
We're getting there...
Have you seen those pictures where people have taken a picture of a random object to make a letter? And then they spell out their last name or something? 

Look at this pic - 
You're probably seeing the bottom of a bucket, and thinking you're wasting my time Lyndy! 
But I saw the letter D - look again
I shot some other things to spell the word LAUNDRY and used a bit of scrapbook paper, some more Mod Podge and hung myself a sign in that newly made over laundry room o' mine. 
The L and U reside in an old wooden bench
The A is from a good old-fashioned swing
The N is a horseshoe o' course
That bucket made a good D
The R is a shepherd's hook of sorts that holds a bird feeder
The Y is obviously a tree limb

It ain't fancy and probably won't appear in any Better Homes & Gardens mags, but I like it nonetheless. 

Now I SMILE when I clean our dirty clothes. (wink, wink)