Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Wii bit of fun

A couple weeks ago Anthony's aunt called to invite us over to play Wii. We were headed somewhere so we decided to do it another night. Well, last night we went over and had our Wii date. Christy and Dawson also came and we had a big ole time!! We started out playing Rock Band...the country songs were a little easier than the rock ones. No idea why...

Guitar Action (oh yeaaaah!)

We took a break from "the tour" and decided to play some Wii sports. We tried out bowling, canoeing, sword fighting, table tennis (aka ping pong), archery and basketball. Jennifer beat Dawson in bowling. I beat Dawson at canoeing and table tennis but HE actually beat Anthony at sword fighting and basketball. Christy got in on the basketball action and kinda stunk at it initially, but she got better.  :-)

I'm like a bull in a china shop...earlier in the night I was trying to situate myself in a good spot to get a picture of them playing Rock Band while avoiding being in front of the tv and I nearly knocked a lamp off a table (twice)... When I played Dawson in the sword fighting game, Anthony was really nervous. He kept telling me to be careful because I was either gonna hit the lamp OR his nephew. LOL I did neither, thank you very much.

I have no idea why he'd think I was getting carried away playing the game - do you?

Christy took this pic and I asked Anthony why he was holding his fingers up like that and he said it was because that was how close I was coming to hitting Dawson in the head with the Wii controller.

Good times, good times.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm pumped for tomorrow - the high is only gonna be like 81. Next week some highs in the 70s. :-)
I just love fall!
These purty little yeller mums are in my landscaping. I bought 'em at Walmart or Lowe's last year and they were in little ugly cheap plastic containers. Once they were almost goners, I planted them there thangs in the ground by our Japanese Maple tree. I've pinched them back all summer and golly, have they grown!!! When they're in full bloom, I'll post a pic. They're bigger than our shrubs!!

I'll also put a link here to an interesting story I read earlier today about the Titanic. Read it! NOW!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drum roll please . . . . . .

I won't pull a Ryan Seacrest and delay the results cuz I know y'all got better things to do. I DID IT! I'm back at goal weight. I've given myself a shiny and pretty (albeit intangible) trophy just because I can. Yay me!

Hmm... now to decide what "prize" to give myself. Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last chance workout (day)

On Biggest Loser they call it the Last Chance Workout. Today was mine I guess (remember, tomorrow is the big weigh in). I got up this morning after the sun was up and ran 1 mile and walked 1 mile. I admit it felt good. I listened to my iPod and was startled by a couple cars but thankfully no one side swiped me. I walked a mile with Speedy G on break at work. It was HOT, do you hear me?! I did my lunch time yoga class at the gym, which is my fave. I think I'll be pleased with my weight loss this week. I feel like I've worked so hard the past two weeks. I told a friend I'm tempted to take a laxative tonight, but my luck I'd get the squirts and miss church tonight and work tomorrow, thus missing the final weigh in. Can't chance it!

Oh, and I should also add that I was totally PSYCHED tonight to see I now have two followers of my little polka dot bloggy poo. Suhweet!!! Thanks y'all.

Tune in tomorrow for the weigh in RESULTS ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Music is what feelings sound like"

On the way to work this morning I popped in a worship CD a friend gave me a while back that I've always loved listening to. I jammed out, played drums on the steering wheel and sung along to several tracks. Music is so cool like that - it can boost your mood, make ya laugh or cry, bring back memories, all o' that.

To this day when I hear "Until I Fall Away" by the Gin Blossoms it takes my mind back to September 3, first date with Anthony. I remember being in his gray Honda Prelude headin' to the movies to see Forrest Gump and asking him what they were singing. I told him that it sounded like they were saying "it feels like fallin' rain." He probably thought I was a dork, but we got married so I guess it wasn't a deal breaker, huh? 1994 has been a minute ago, but I still stink at lyrics. Lol

I guess my point is I love music! It sure did get my day started off right today....

Monday, September 20, 2010

... Always have a PLAN B

So this morning my alarm went off at 5:30 am (ya know, when the chickens get up), and I noticed the house was awfully dark but for the flicker of the big screen which seems to stay on 24/7...but I digress... Maybe I should know this, but apparently in late September at 5:30 am in middle TN the sun is NOT UP YET! So what's a girl to do? The obvious - go back to bed! And back to bed I went ... Z Z Z z z z z

You now understand my title for today's post. Plan B ya say? On morning break, walk around campus with my friend we'll call Speedy Gonzalez. At lunch, get my sweat on at Pilates class. The third piece of the pie...(why do I punish myself with a pie reference this week, of all weeks?) walk and/or jog after work.

Did I do it?

YES! I walked and panted along with my friend this morning; I went to Pilates and melted like a popsicle on hot asphalt; and I did my thang after work. I ran a mile and walked a mile on our road, which was followed shortly thereafter with a nice shower. Ahhhhhh. Life is good today (a Zac Brown quote...don't hate on my random references and's who I am.... and you'll also figure out I like to use the dot dot dots.... they're called ellipses for those of you who are grammatically challenged....)

Oh, and no worries for you non-exercisers. I promise not to talk about exercise and healthy living in every post. There will be posts about other random things from Lyndy's world... more to come. Peace!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

. . . . a crucial week

This is an important week for me. You're thinkin' "Why, Lyndy?" Well, Thursday is our final weigh in for this session of Weight Watchers. Now you're thinkin' oh geez, not that. I don't wanna hear about that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we could all lose a few, right... But let me to share my WW journey with ya. . .  

I started WW for the 1st time in '04 after gaining the Cracker Barrel 15 (or so ;-) and it's such an easy plan, plus they come to our campus and we can do the meeting on your lunch hour. Cool! Anyway, I did eventually arrive at "goal weight" (which you can pick within a range based on BMI) and boy, was I proud. As a peacock, do you hear me?! So I became a lifetime member of WW. Is that something I really wanna brag about? Eh, anyway. You know the next part of the story dontcha? Yep, I gained it back.

So I've lost and gained, lost and gained... but the deal with this week is I'm frightfully close to my goal weight and if I manage to get there, it's a hunnerd bucks in my pocket. See, CB will reimburse employees for the fee if they either lose 10 lbs or get to their goal weight within the session.

So yesterday morning, I got up and put on my workout junk and headed down the driveway for a walk/run. I did 3 miles (half walking, the other half running) and felt like a spring chicken when I was done (what's with all my bird analogies today?). It felt great! So guess what? I did it again this morning. Yup! Hopin' when I get on the scales Thursday at WW I get to dance a little "yay me" jig. Uh huh, oh yeeeeah. Been eatin' me some fruits and veggies, too! And lovin' em.

But before I go dark (that's a 24/Jack Bauer reference for those of you who were under a rock the last decade and missed THE BEST show on tv)... I must turn my thoughts to what I'm gonna grub on tonight at the Barrel cuz I'm hawwwngrreeeeee! Let's go eat y'all!