Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving

In elementary school, they teach us about the Indians and Pilgrims. In middle school or high school, you start looking at it as a few days you don't have to go to school. As a grown up, you look forward to time off work and maybe a good meal with family. It should be more than that, huh? If we really reflected on things, really became thankful, we'd probably have a better outlook on life. I'm thankful for a whole lotta things, and my family is at the top of the heap.

We started celebrating Thanksgiving last weekend with a nice lunch at my inlaws. There was country ham (my personal fave), turkey & dressing, all the sides you could ever want and apple pie and strawberry cobbler for dessert. When the kiddos went outside, of course I (and my camera) followed...
There was basketball (played with a soccer ball - hey, sometimes you gotta improvise), scooter and bike riding, and the boys enjoyed making the wagon trailer go up and down. It was a gorgeous, unseasonably warm day. (And yeah, I took a "good" pic of the kids, but this one makes me smile...and miss childhood)

And it's always nice to get a right nice pic of me and my man... hmm, this one may make it on a Christmas card. . .

Wednesday night we headed to my parents' and chowed down. Turkey & dressing, spiral-sliced sugar cured ham (yummm), lotsa sides and peach cobbler, homemade ice cream, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (from scratch) and my world famous Oreo balls for dessert.  
Dad played on his laptop and got Trevor workin' on it for a bit since he's the family techie. Some of us played Bananagrams, which was really fun. Then we all chatted a while. Then some of us played Triominos. Cullen declared it to be the worst game ever, even though he did pretty well. Camden quit, as usual, about halfway through the game. The big winner was Michelle.

This was the first time most of us have gotten to see Caleb since he went off to college. When I commented on his "facial growth" he said it was "no shave November." I think it kinda makes him look older. Anyhoo, he had been out all night bowling with some buddies the night before so he took a little nappy for a while. ha College kids - gotta love 'em.

This here's me and my sweet little momma (she's vertically challenged at a mere 5' tall, although she may claim tuh be an inch more)....everyone on the planet knows I look just like Daddy, but this pic makes me think she did a little more than just carry me in her womb 9 months... I see a little resemblance.

I'm surely blessed with great family! I'm out - gotta catch some zzzz's before tomorrow's big shoppin' day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My birthday boy

My hubby is havin' himself a birthday today.

This is the look I get most of the time when I whip out the camera and take his pic...

I catch a good smile on him once in a while though. heehee

I sure do love him!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A champion in the family...

Well, on Monday I got a text from Jen that McKenzie won the spelling bee (there were ~52 students in the contest)... lemme back up a sec - Sunday Kenzie said she was ready for some more of those muffins I made (see my post dated October 18: Yummy goodness without the guilt) and I'll just be honest - I'm a sucker for someone braggin' on somethin' I made. So ... when I heard she WON the BEE I thought hmm... a CHAMP deserves a prize... hehe So I ran on out to my local Kroger and bought the three ingredients required to thereby make them there yummy muffs.

So this morning I got up and baked some of 'em for the CHAMPION in the family... I took 'em right out of the oven and walked 'em over in the rain mind ya (they live next door) and by golly, I was proud... I'll admit it. It felt good to GIVE (for once) and a cute kindergartener, Bryson, met me at the door with a smile. (Only after hollering IT'S LYNDY...after all, who comes knockin' on your door at 6:45 in the mornin, right?) I put them on the kitchen counter and walked right back out. Bry said I thought you were gonna talk for a minute. I think that was the first time I've ever gone in and come right back out. I told him I had to get ready for work. I think he replied with a "see ya."

And just cuz I figure a thin, cute cheerleader gal who's almost 13 didn't need TWO DOZEN muffins, I took the rest of 'em to work. My coworkers loved em; some even asked for the recipe. And now that my head is swollen (from havin' the big head), Anthony's workin' on enlarging all our doorways.