Friday, March 23, 2012

Heather's gettin H I T C H E D

Last Saturday a package was on my front porch.
Heather's bridal shower gift.
Tinsley had to inspect it, sniff it, lay on it, play with it...

This is a second marriage for both Heather and her man, so for the shower they suggested gifts like $$$ or stuff for the honeymoon. They're going to Mexico. Lucky dogs. But I got em a cool personalized welcome mat for the hizzouse. Isn't it presh?!

Angela, Heather & me
Friends since we were kids. Still are! 
 Heather and her fella John Paul - cute couple!
Teddy Grahams swimmin and sunnin - could it be any cuter?! 
Congrats to you Heather - lookin forward to the wedding. Oh how I <3 outdoor weddings!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday night fun

Friday night Anthony went with his uncle (the one who lives next door to us) to the NCAA tourney. 

That meant I needed a buddy. And some plans.

Enter Bridgett.

I asked told her to do something with me.

We did the important shtuff first - SHOPPING! 

The mall - less appealing the older I get, lemme tell ya. I did find some curte that's cuter than just cute peep toe pumps in a nice fleshy cream shade of pretty for a new dress I just got at Ross. We also hit the TJ Maxx. It wasn't my night there. 

Next stop - food! 

She was hawngry for a salad and baked potato. To the Barrel we did roll. 

I had talked to my bro earlier in the week to see if they'd be home Friday night because I had a couple things for the kiddos. 
I have to play the role of the aunt who spoils. It's a curse really. No, I really just love buying miniature clothes & shoes. Anything is cute when it's little.

Anyway, the kids were apparently kinda excited for us to visit cuz Jonathan text me while we were eating to ask when we'd be there. Said every time they mentioned that we were coming by, the kids commenced to jumpin. And I like to think there was some squealin or laughin mixed in. I have that effect on people sometimes.

 Kerby, Kerlandy and dear ole dad (my brother who's 10 years my senior) 

The kids loved their shtuff and I got tight, choking hugs of thanks. :-P 

Kerlandy showed me her latest spelling test - she got 104 on it cuz she got the bonus words. Kinda cool considering she didn't know a lot of English a handful of weeks ago. She also sang a couple songs for us, danced a little and snapped (something she just learned). Told us her favorite food is corn. 

I'm a still picture kinda girl and too tech-challenged to figure out how to flip this so just turn your head to the side and deal widdit...  I shot a little video of Kerlandy doing the Pledge of Allegiance - pay attention to the "one nation under God" part. Do you hear it?

One cute little Haitian under God, indivisible... 

If I muster up enough patience, I'll post a video of Kerby sayin some stuff. He doesn't perform on command quite like little sis. lol But he's one cool dude, too. He's still claiming bacon as his favorite food. And he learned how to blow a bubble the other day. Cool stuff!   

11 or 12 weeks ago these little dark skinned kids were new to the fam, new to the U S of A. Now I can't imagine em not being part of us. I sure do love em.