Thursday, September 6, 2012

Commodores & Gamecocks - college football is H E R E

My husband is H A P P Y ! 

Because football season is fiiiiinally here. 
I don't share in his enthusiasm. But I do endure enjoy some games with him here and there. Mostly in the comfort of our living room...

Last Thursday night we went to the Vandy/South Carolina game.
my Vandy tshirt - straight from Cracker Barrel for a mere $9.99 purchased the night before

We look pretty happy here, right? 
This was a good 30 minutes before the game. And before the rain. Or should I say the downpour. No, let's call it a toad strangler. 

Anyway, we had headed down kinda early thinking we'd run into traffic because that night there was also a Titans pre-season game and a Sounds baseball game in the Nashvegas. But traffic was no problemo. So early we arrived. And sat in the heat. The humid middle Tennessee heat. It was lovely. Really it was. Did I mention it did NOT rain on the Titans or their fans? Well it didn't. 
I s'pose I should give a shout out to the little old man who gave us ponchos after about 5 minutes of sitting in the fetal position being pelted by rain. 
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. 
But I was kinda hunched over trying to protect my camera. 30% chance of rain. Riiiiight. Harumph!

Jason and his wife have season tickets. They love them some Vandy sports. Remember, we went to some hoops with em last season. Click right here to read the blog entry.
They're good peeps.

~ nice peppy crowd ~ 
probably peppy because it stopped raining :-P 
A nice sunset to serve as a backdrop for the end zone

Vandy went down to the Gamecocks. It was a good game though. Not boring at all. And this is coming from a girl who struggles to figure out who has possession of the ball.

Um before I leave you, let me say this. I'm needing the apparently miniature people who design college stadiums to realize people aren't 8 inches wide with itty bitty legs. They sure don't make those places for comfort. Or for people with any amount of girth. Come on man!

Monday, September 3, 2012

My daddy, my hero - a birthday fam jam

See, I'm one of those daughters who thinks her daddy is the stuff.
Always have.
Always will.

He turned 65 about a week ago so we all gathered together. 
At Cheddar's. 
No cleaning house, cooking or washing dishes for us! 
Just food & fellowship with the fam. 
Well minus Caleb. :-( 
He's still in AIT in Missouri. Cuz he's an Army man now. 

This here's how our family is lookin these days. Aren't we a fiiiine lookin bunch?
Pretend Caleb is here. He'd probably be in the back row between his dad and my dad. Cuz he's tall. Hmm, maybe I'll photoshop him in.

These are the little ones. I.e., the ones who aren't driving age yet.
I think they're the best lookin kiddos around these parts.  
My mom went 23 years with just one granddaughter, Sasha. She's married now. All grown up. And plenty special.
But as you know, on Christmas Day 2011 our family grew by two and NOW Nanny has herself TWO granddaughters. 
I absolutely adore this shot of them!
(hint, hint... needs to be in the family calendar)
I just need you to notice how BIG these two boys have gotten. 
Ugh! Feels like a minute ago they were crawlin around in the floor drinkin out of sippy cups. (groan) 
Cullen is nearly as tall as his daddy and his PaPa whew wee

So Phil (my niece's hubby) came to dinner straight from work. And he had some safety glasses. Me and my brothers and my birthday celebratin daddy all donned them for this pic. 
I don't know why.

I s'pose you can tell I love love LOVE my family! 
And if you don't know my daddy, you're missin out. Cuz he's funny. And smart. And talented. And Godly. And a lot of other great stuff. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Southern FAIR flair

You ain't Southern if ya don't like the county fair. 
We went a couple weekends ago with Anthony's step brother and his bunch. We kinda invited ourselves. Cuz you can do that with family. he he he

Taken with my iPhone and posted to Instagram and Twitter immediately thereafter. 
Follow me - I'm lyndy2t

We had to wait in line a while for Crazy Mouse, but Bryson wanted to ride it really bad. So we waited. And waited. And waited...
We waited so long Bryson got ants in his pants.
Not literally.
But I did have a mommy moment of sorts and told him to be patient (in my own Lyndy way) and he straightened up. He's just a little boy. And little boys get impatient. 

 One of these landed on Facebook as Anthony's profile pic :-P 

Who sits around and says gee, think I'll carve a guitar and some music notes on some wood and make it into a bench? Not me. But this guy is talented you have to agree. 

Sawyer sampled some of the ice cream the horses make. 
You don't understand this if ya ain't  been to the fair. 
What a shame. 
You don't even know what you're missin.
Like sweet tea, corn dogs, chocolate covered bacon, fried Twinkies and what not. Not that we had that. (wink, wink)

We ran into my friend Brandi (not pictured), her hubby and adorable daughter. Brandi, the gal who swore she was never taking her kid to the fair. Eatin those words. Yum yum ;-)
McKenzie is always my ride buddy. 
Crazy daredevils! 
High atop the ferris wheel she decided to start talkin bout how they construct the thing and I told her to hush. I didn't wanna think about that. Makes me wonder how S A F E it is if I start thinkin bout it too much. 
 Because when you think of face painting, you immediately think blood pressure, I need to get my blood pressure checked. Um....
 Bryson had no fear - he rode everything he was tall enough to ride. He was the tiniest bit short for one or two rides and I said you should've worn tennis shoes instead of those flip flops. He said you forget, I don't get to pick!
 a view from the ferris wheel - looking toward the back half of the midway

Anthony and I went back another night just to eat. Well, we rode the swings, too. But chowing on the food was the main purpose. He had a sausage and I had a Philly. Then we shared a funnel cake like a couple of love birds. <3

 the ferris wheel is so pretty all lit up at night, yeah? 
 I took this shot because Anthony said he remembered picking up the duckies when he was little. Aww, that's just presh isn't it?! 
And MY MAN LOVES THE SWINGS. So that's what I'm leavin ya with.