Monday, September 3, 2012

My daddy, my hero - a birthday fam jam

See, I'm one of those daughters who thinks her daddy is the stuff.
Always have.
Always will.

He turned 65 about a week ago so we all gathered together. 
At Cheddar's. 
No cleaning house, cooking or washing dishes for us! 
Just food & fellowship with the fam. 
Well minus Caleb. :-( 
He's still in AIT in Missouri. Cuz he's an Army man now. 

This here's how our family is lookin these days. Aren't we a fiiiine lookin bunch?
Pretend Caleb is here. He'd probably be in the back row between his dad and my dad. Cuz he's tall. Hmm, maybe I'll photoshop him in.

These are the little ones. I.e., the ones who aren't driving age yet.
I think they're the best lookin kiddos around these parts.  
My mom went 23 years with just one granddaughter, Sasha. She's married now. All grown up. And plenty special.
But as you know, on Christmas Day 2011 our family grew by two and NOW Nanny has herself TWO granddaughters. 
I absolutely adore this shot of them!
(hint, hint... needs to be in the family calendar)
I just need you to notice how BIG these two boys have gotten. 
Ugh! Feels like a minute ago they were crawlin around in the floor drinkin out of sippy cups. (groan) 
Cullen is nearly as tall as his daddy and his PaPa whew wee

So Phil (my niece's hubby) came to dinner straight from work. And he had some safety glasses. Me and my brothers and my birthday celebratin daddy all donned them for this pic. 
I don't know why.

I s'pose you can tell I love love LOVE my family! 
And if you don't know my daddy, you're missin out. Cuz he's funny. And smart. And talented. And Godly. And a lot of other great stuff. 

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