Saturday, July 7, 2012

a Pinterest party

You remember my addiction to 


Well some of my gal pals decided to have ourselves a Pinterest party. 

The rule was you either had to make a recipe from Pinterest OR a recipe you had never tried making before. No golden oldies. None of your go to faves. Had to be sumthin new.

So a couple weeks ago, we had this here party at mi casa.

I made corndog muffins, supreme pizza fondue, chicken alfredo rollups & Andes mint cookies. 
Go to Lyndy's Pinterest Boards to hop on the link to the recipes. The only critique I had with either recipe was the dogs tried to stick to the pan.

Jenny had to get all FANCY PANTS and make table tents for her stuff. She brought cheesecake filled strawberries and lasagna cupcakes (made in muffin tins with won ton wrappers). Both were delish.  

Actually everything we had was delish.
Corn dog muffins, chicken alfredo rollups, supreme pizza fondue w/breadsticks by me
in the middle is the lasagna cupcake by Jenny
at the top right is Doritos taco bake by Brandi
on the right is cheesy chicken chilaquiles (a Pampered Chef recipe) by Bev
Not pictured: 

Andes mint cookies by me (um, I could eat a hundred of those)
Mounds cake by Brandi

Fruit salad by Angela
Lemony angel food cake (a Pampered Chef recipe) by Bev

As you can imagine, we ate ourselves SILLY.

Laughs and giggles courtesy of Angela... 
she was tellin us a tale of an unfortunate incident her friend had that ended up with said friend gettin a broke toof 
Angela and Jenny are always quick to pose for a pic. HAMS.... Ya see Brandi and Bev are a wee bit camera shy... everybody has a friend or two like that, right?  
 good times, good times

After the gals left, there was a little mishap with the pizza fondue...
Add another messy verse to Lyndy's life song...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Army strong

My nephew Caleb has a new title...

not like I don't want ya in my bizness. . . but in ARMY speak it means he's officially serving our fine country. 

A couple weeks ago he graduated from basic training over in South Carolina. He came home for a minute before going to AIT (his next phase of training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri). We were able to meet up with him for a bite to eat.

Guess I hafta stop callin' him my little nephew, huh? 
He's a MAN now... all tough and stuff I reckon. 

I'm proud of him.