Saturday, May 28, 2011

To recap this week...if ya start with Sunday

Sun - My mom & dad took us to lunch. Had a ham & cheese omelet the size of my head. No need for dinner. Ran 5 miles. Gotta try to work off somathat om.
Mon - Ran 2 miles with Bridgett after work. If I ever had a kid sister, she'd be what I'd order up. Cool cat.
Tues - Had dinner with Charles & Annette. He can sho tell some sto-ries!
Weds - Lovin' my toes today. I think they're pretty, especially in french mani. Sue me. I like my toes.
Thurs - Lunch with a new (coworker) friend. Found out she loves cats as much as I do. We already share a love for photography.
Fri - Weekend here I come! Found some red sandals for a b/w dress (with a narrow red belt) I bought last weekend that was just screamin' for red shoes. (maybe if I look as cute as I think I'm gonna look I'll post a pic) Ran 3.2 after work cuz the weather was perfectomundo fer it.
Sat - Busy, busy! Started the morning with a 3.2 mile run (before it gets blazin' 106). Riley came over. We played hard but he had to go home with his (lucky) parents! Pulled weeds. Washed the car. Ate Chinese with hubby for dinner & did a smidge o' shopping. Lovin' General's chicken yo!
And a side note for the week - I've been struggling with my hair lately (trying to grow out layers just to switch up my look a bit) and this week 2 or 3 people, including one random stranger, complimented it highly. Guess it ain't as bad as I thought, huh? :-P