Thursday, December 9, 2010


I hate clogged up sinuses, icky smellin' doctor's offices, expensive antibiotics and stinging shots in the "hip."

Maybe I'm gettin' it over with before MY BIRTHDAY and Christmas...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas portrait 2010 1st edition

Well, about a month ago a gal that knows Anthony's cousin Ashley called me about doing some pics of her little girl in front of a Christmas tree for their Christmas cards. She had seen the shots I took of Ashley's two little cutie pie girls and loved 'em. So we did the pics of the little squirt Monday night at a nursing home. No worries - there's no blue haired folk in the pics. hehe Just a cute 2 year old.
Well, I feel like these are the best of the bunch (I took 70something shots in about an hour)... this little precious treasure had two, count 'em TWO (what I would classify as) FULL BLOWN meltdowns in that hour. I'm talkin' screamin, red-faced, bowing her back and fallin' out in the floor fits. I sure earned my $ on this session. haha She's an energetic little thing.