Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas portrait 2010 1st edition

Well, about a month ago a gal that knows Anthony's cousin Ashley called me about doing some pics of her little girl in front of a Christmas tree for their Christmas cards. She had seen the shots I took of Ashley's two little cutie pie girls and loved 'em. So we did the pics of the little squirt Monday night at a nursing home. No worries - there's no blue haired folk in the pics. hehe Just a cute 2 year old.
Well, I feel like these are the best of the bunch (I took 70something shots in about an hour)... this little precious treasure had two, count 'em TWO (what I would classify as) FULL BLOWN meltdowns in that hour. I'm talkin' screamin, red-faced, bowing her back and fallin' out in the floor fits. I sure earned my $ on this session. haha She's an energetic little thing.

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