Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend happenings

Have you noticed how I don't apologize for my lack of blogging or for late posts any more? ;-)
I've got a couple posts rollin around in my brain but I'll have to come back to those later. 
For now, let's just recap a few random things from the weekend (mostly). 
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know about this one...
the other night we went downtown for an independent film viewing. This film just happened to produced by Boyd Tinsley
I know - you're saying who's that? 
He just happens to be the violinist for Dave Matthews Band

His film was a little strange for my taste. I'm one of those people who likes to be spoon fed with the movie plot and what not. Indie films are probably not for me. 

After they showed us the film, Boyd came out and asked for feedback and stuff. It was really informal and intimate. Pretty neat. He was spittin' distance from us.

After that, Boyd and his buds played some jams. It was cool. Except for the part where Dave did NOT show up. Not that I expected him to. But it woulda been cool.


Boyd did a meet & greet at the end of the night. Thus the pic above. And let me tell you - this guy is a hugger. And I mean a hugger in the largest sense of the word... a 3-4 minute hugger. Have you ever hugged a stranger that long? It was so long it became sorta funny.

Well we went for Anthony's sake, right? He's the DMB fan, not me. 

So I was letting Anthony meet Boyd and have the forever hug he gave all the fans, just minding my own biz. 

Then it happened. 

The hug.

If you know me, you know I am not a hugger.

I repeat - I AM NOT A HUGGER. Consider yourself warned. Translation: please don't hug me.  

Boyd grabbed me and gave me the longest, most uncomfortable hug ever. I seriously struggled with breathing. I think I have hug-a-phobia or something. 

But I survived. And we got outta there! Buh bye Mr. Huggy Pants. 

Segue to cat talk.... 
Well it just so happens that when a stray kitty showed up at our house back in 2008, we struggled with naming her. 

Anthony eventually came up with her name - Tinsley... 

I didn't tell Boyd about it - I think it would have embarassed Anthony if I had said hey man, we named our cat after you. But don't think I didn't think about tellin him. Cuz I did. And I might have also considered bringing a pic of Tinsley to have Boyd pose with her for a pic. You know, two Tinsleys side by side... what a scrapbook page that woulda made. 

Yeah, I know that sounds weird. I'm warped.

By the way, that's our new recliner (in the Tinsley pic) - our old one was squeaky and poppy and cracky. Soooo annoying. So we bought a new one cuz my man has to have a man chair that rocks. But after less than 24 hours, somebody decided he didn't like it. So we returned that chair and got this chair. It's a keeper. We cut the tags off and everything.

Over the weekend it snowed. A LOT. 
And these trees are blooming. Such a confusing time of year, spring.

Saturday my mom and I went shopping for my niece who's preggers with twinsy boys. So exciting! And it was fun shopping with big fat snowflakes falling. 

We also met up with Michelle (Sasha's mom) to discuss the details of the shower setup at the place we're having it. Again, so exciting! 

We also visited this little lady...  

This is my dad's mother. She's 91 and recently moved into a nursing home. She's a spunky little thing. Says exactly what's on her mind. I like that about her. ;-) 
She's one of a kind, that's for sure. Her memory isn't as great these days and she hobbles around more than she used to, but she's a pretty cool ole gal. I hope I get some of those cute wrinkles in my 90s.
Well that's it for now. Check back for a Gatlinburg recap and a baby shower invitation HOW TO. 
Fun stuff ahead .. . . .  .   .