Friday, August 24, 2012

a birthday dinner...for my father-in-law

Our families don't get together every whipstitch like some. So when we do, I like to document it with PICTURES of course. I'm the unofficial family photographer I'm pretty sure. I never see anyone else even getting out a camera. :-P 

Terry turned 66 (shh, don't tell him I toldja) and he told Janice he didn't need anything special, he was just turning 66. Every birthday is worthy of a celebration, don't you agree? C'mon Terry!

So to celebrate we all went to a steak house and ate. While we were waitin on our red meat I decided everyone should take a self portrait. So we passed around my camera. 

See the grown ups' approach - 

and the kids - 

The birthday boy man had himself quite a treat the morning of our dinner. He went down to the big city (Nashville) and met Turtle Man and Swamp People. Got their autographs on his purty cap. See ~ 

And I'm gonna need you to know he was darn prouda that hat. I'm thinking he'll wanna be buried in it. It's his most prized possession I'm fairly sure.

These boys are some fine MIMs right? 
    Men in the makin...

Ok, so maybe they're not quite as sweet and innocent as you might think...  

I ended up sitting across from Kyle (the tallest one, in orange) at the table. As soon as we sat down, he started staring at himself in the mirror by our table and making weird faces.  
Funny enough, right?

Well, a little later he took off his flips flops and proceeded to rub his foot on my leg. I wish I could have seen my face. Um, ok what was that about?! By the end of the night he informed me that I was now his favorite relative. I'm scared. Very scared.

I think this last picture of us and Bryson is just blog share worthy. 
So look at it. 
       And smile.