Friday, November 15, 2013

Our 14th Loveless Cafe

Even though we’re fairly convenient to Nashville, we don’t go very often. We do typically end up somewhere in Nashville for our anniversary dinner though. And that’s just what we did last week when we celebrated our 14th anniversary.

We’ve wanted to try out Loveless CafĂ© for a while now. Even though it’s kinda a touristy place…. We’ve heard they have really good food. And we’re all about some good ole comfort food, served up the Southern way. Is there any other way? ;-)

So off we went.

Took us an hour and 10 minutes but it was totally worth it!

They say weekends are busy so we went on a weeknight. We didn’t have to wait for a table. We had called ahead but would’ve been fine without doing that.

Everything about it screams nostalgia. It’s like being at your grandma’s house. It’s so quaint and homey inside. From the checkered table cloths to the wood floors, I was smitten!

We were seated near the kitchen and this shot is looking toward the front of the restaurant – notice the doors?

Our server greeted us immediately and asked what we wanted. Of course we needed a minute. We always do, no matter where we’re eating. When she came back she said haven’t I waited on you before? We said no…this is our first time. She welcomed us and said we looked like a couple she had waited on before. Lol Anthony asked if that couple was nice. HA! So apparently we have a twin couple out there roamin around somewhere. Oh me.

Of course Loveless is known for the homemade biscuits and jams/jellies/preserves (whatever ya wanna call it) they serve up. And let me tell ya, these things were scrumptious! I wanted to eat 100 of em.

Anthony went for the fried chicken and I went for the BBQ. Loveless is also known for their hashbrown casserole so I went for that and it was awesome I do say. And I also had the skillet fried corn. MMM so good! Anthony went with his standard sides - mashed potatoes with gravy and mac 'n cheese.

We were both stuffed and happy by this point. All our food was delicious! But our sweet server told us Loveless has the best banana pudding around. And that just happens to be my man's #1 fave. And he never orders dessert… N E V E R… but he did that night! The server said they even make their own wafers for the pudding. 

It was a cold pudding in case you were wonderin. Anth said it was amazing. I didn’t try any. I’m not a banana person…

After we ate we browsed in the gift shop and picked up a jar of strawberry preserves. And they taste homemade by the way. DELISH!

Next time we go I’m gonna rent a second stomach. And I’m not gonna eat 3 days prior so I can have one of everything LOL
I hear they have an awesome breakfast… so maybe we’ll get back there soon for that. We both have birthdays coming up. (ahem)

Anyway, the anniversary was lovely and I’m glad I got to stuff my face next to this guy. He’s a keeper. I love him a bunch. And doing life with him sure is peachy!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Charlie Brown DIY Halloween costume

Tossin’ it back to Halloween yall…

Yeah, I'm the one on the right ;-) 

This year Halloween was on a ThursdayOn Tuesday morning while I was at work I decided I wanted to dress up.

We weren’t having a Halloween party at work (they quit doing that a couple years ago BOOO) and Anthony and I weren’t even going to a party or anything. I just like dressing up and feelin like a kid again. Don’t judge.

So anyway, thanks to good ole Pinterest I found a super cute idea for a Charlie Brown costume. My Inspiration I love me some DIY!

This is the stuff it takes to make the costume - -

Stuff I bought –
$4.99 Yellow polo style shirt (Goodwill)
$3.67 Spray paint (Walmart)
$1.66 Black fabric (Joann’s)
$5.99 Mod Podge (Joann’s – I had a 40% off coupon)

Stuff I already had –
Beach ball
Black craft paint
Newspaper (cut into strips)
Black shorts
*Special note for people OCD like me {ahem} Yes, I should have worn yellow socks but I didn't realize Charlie Brown wore yellow socks until it was too late to run out and purchase any. So Charlie wore white socks on Halloween. Oh well. Life goes on.

For the head:
1.  Blow up beach ball and place in a bowl
2.  Dip newspaper strips in Mod Podge and lay on the beach ball one at a time, slightly overlapping the strips (as I dipped the strips, I’d “squeeze out” the excess by running my fingers along each side so they wouldn’t be drenched with the Mod Podge and thus take longer to dry… remember I was on a tight time frame)
3.  Allow to D R Y completely *VERY IMPORTANT* most will say let it dry overnight but a few hours seemed to do the trick for me; I only let one of my layers dry overnight.
4.  Repeat with a second layer of paper strips, allow to DRY, and then a third layer – On my third layer I started using plain paper instead of newspaper so I wouldn’t have to use primer once I was ready to spray paint my head. I had only bought one can of spray paint too so… 
oh and ALSO I left my beach ball inside my head form which made it plenty sturdy with just three layers of paper… it didn’t seem to want to come loose from the Mod Podged strips so I just went with it. Sometimes ya gotta improvise!
5.  Cut an opening in the bottom that your head will fit through (remember, you’re gonna be wearing this head so make sure it’ll go over your ears)
6.  Make ears from cardstock and attach with glue. Allow to dry.
7.  Spray paint the head a flesh tone color *it’s best to do this in a well ventilated area or OUTSIDE if possible
8.  Once DRY you can cut your eye openings and mouth opening if you decide to have an open mouthed Charlie Brown. I used a box cutter. Fancy stuff.
9.  Draw your eyebrows and nose with a Sharpie. I went back over mine with black paint to make it more distinct.
10.  Glue some thin black fabric inside the head so you’ll be able to see where you’re walking while wearing the head. I used a Mono Adhesive glue pen, a scrapbooking supply I had handy.

VOILA! ! ! 
You've just transformed some paper and a beach ball into a fabulous Charlie Brown head. And ya know… this could be so many other cartoon characters if you wanted to get creative… but anyway.. we still have a shirt to make people. Stay focused!

For the shirt:
1. If your shirt is from Goodwill you’re gonna want to wash it. lol
2. Lay flat and put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding.
3. Trace your design lightly with a Sharpie
4. Paint one side. Allow to dry!
5. Paint the other side (Yes, Charlie’s shirt is chevron-y all the way around) Allow to dry.

You can now sport a Charlie Brown shirt. Woo hoo look at you!

For extra cuteness I made a little “Good Grief” sign since Charlie is known for that phrase. And I carried a football. People were diggin it. Some of the little bitty kids I saw didn’t know who Charlie Brown was. I give their parents an F on parenting for not exposing them to this classic cartoon. But anyway.

Here are some pics along the crafty way in case you're a visual learner. 

Mod Podge kinda looks like thick milk, but I thinned mine out a bit with water to stretch it farther.

This is how it looked once I had put a layer of plain paper strips on

 Remember, I added the ears before I painted the head...

And here's the shirt painting...
that top line was my Sharpie outline to guide me

     the finished product!

Hope you enjoyed this little crafty costume. 
It’s fun being someone else for a day. ;-) 
And it was under $20. BOOM!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 time

If you stop by here often, you know I love to run for exercise. Last year I ran 2 half marathons and a 5K. The first half marathon was a personal goal. The second half I blame on my friend Angela.

I met Angela for the first time at church camp in 1987. 
And I just happen to have a picture of us from that camp... I know you're shocked. 
I'm the one givin the stink eye to the person taking the pic. Shocked, right?
Angela is the cute one in the background with the white tank on. 

She’s what I’d call a generally quiet person. Not one to wanna be the center of attention. Super sweet. A friend you can definitely depend on.

Well… last year when I did the April half marathon Angela mentioned that she may want to do one, too. I was still kinda on that runner’s high so I told her I’d do it with her.

The part I didn’t think through was the part where we’d be training in the hot summer heat. The humid, bone-melting, awful heat of Tennessee. Yeah. That.

But anyway, we did it and we both finished the half marathon. And we ran the whole 13.1 miles with no walking breaks. Yay us!


I don’t think I ever blogged about it last year but Angela and I ALSO did a 5K in October of last year.

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
Oct 2012

If you were wondering, 5K is 3.1 miles. 

It was a chilly 43 degrees that morning in Brentwood, and spitting rain. Brr… But sometime in the first half mile I was shedding the hoodie and sweating. We ran the whole thing side by side and I remember when we finished we said we could easily run the route again. We were just a few weeks out from the half so we were still in prime running condition from all our training.

This year we ran the 5K again and thankfully it wasn’t raining. It was in the mid 40s that morning but by noon that day it was in the 60s, so it was a much nicer day this year than last year. 
Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
Oct 2013

However, this year we did NOT say we wanted to run the route again. Lol  After the race we did a little shopping and grabbed some lunch. 

Fun times. No doubt.

Glad to have Angela as a friend and a running buddy. It's so cool to know someone more than half your life and still enjoy hangin out with em. 

Ahhhh... blessings. Blessings indeed.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

friends I love

Life is funny, isn't it? 

I'll give you an example I'm sure you'll identify with. 

Are you still close with all the girls who were in your wedding? 

I mean close as in you talk every week, you hang out on a regular basis... 

I didn't think so. 

And that's not necessarily somethin you should feel bad about. People float in and out of your life for a hundred different reasons. That's just life. 

Even the Bible refers to this in Ecclesiastes 3: 
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heavens."

A few weeks ago I had some gals over to hang out at my house. Some gals I adore.

A few years ago I was in church with all these ladies every Sunday and every Wednesday night. 

But now, I don't attend the same church as any of em. So I don't even see em every week. And that's a bummer. Cuz I love em all like family. Ok, well two of em technically ARE family but anyway.

It takes more effort to get em all together now. There are jobs, babies, sports and all kinds of other stuff that make it tricky, but I absolutely TREASURE the moments we do get to spend together. 

Each of these chics invested in ME in some way. And I'm so thankful for that.

Girls, if you're reading this just know you've all been there for me in ways I'll never forget. 

Thanks for....

~encouraging me
~being a shoulder to cry on
~laughin with me (or at me, let's be honest)
~tellin me to shut up
~inspiring me
~celebrating with me
~being honest with me
~trusting me
~having my back
~challenging me
and most of allTHANKS FOR LOVING ME (especially when I wasn't all that lovable)

You're some of the best gals I know and I love ya a bunch!  xxoo