Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just a thought or two

<-> Ya know it's time to clean out your purse when this....
has been in there for like a week and you just realized it.

<-> My boss has his two girls in a private girls only school (think nuns, k?) and the little one is kinda a mess anyway...she's 9 and yesterday he emailed me this:
           So (insert daughter's name) just texted me that her homework
           assignment is to ask me what my favorite Bible verse is. What's my
           favorite Bible verse?
My reply:
           One of my favorites is Phillipians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ
           which strengtheneth me.
My coworker's reply:
            That was the one I was going to say as soon as I got off the phone!
My boss's reply:
            Isn't that funny? We all three have the same favorite Bible verse.

<-> Do you ever forget, for like a nanosecond, where you are? I do. One day this week I was out walking a mile around campus at work all by myself and ...
I spit
Yep, just like a country boy on a tractor. I glanced around non-chalantly and breathed a sigh of relief. Not a soul. My ladylikeness was saved.

<-> A friend gave me one of those organic energy bars to try. Had soybeans and oats in it. I have to tell ya, when I unwrapped the thing, I was less than impressed. It was a brown conglomerate blockasumthin that was similar to what I've seen in poopy diapers. Seriously. My childhood mud pies formed in the back yard on hot summer days were better lookin than this thing. But I did the grown up thing and...I tried it. Ick! After the first bite, I felt like scraping my tongue and burning my taste buds plumb off. I immediately ran to find relief - my good friend Angela had some candy corn that did the trick. God bless friends (with snacks who are willing to share with a friend in need).

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's becoming an ANNUAL thing...the fish fry

Anthony's uncle caught some catfish and fried em up for us all. (Stop with your bottom dweller talk cuz I don't care, they taste reallll good, ya hear me?!)  Said he used mini marshmellows for bait. They do say catfish'll eat anything.

The men folk all gathered 'round the truck and trees... no tellin' what world problems they were a-solvin' but I didn't ask. Figure I'm on a "need to know" basis ... apparently I don't need to know.

The women pretty much fought over this little guy (what time we wudn't eatin, talkin and laughin). This here was his first fish fry. Him's little and sweet. Nicole, his mommy, is the one in the blue grinnin (out of pride for makin such a cute kid I'm sure) and she's Anthony's cousin. Yall know Anthony's sis by now... and yes, I got me a squeeze of this little cutie. He tried to talk to me and grinned a whole bunch. Babies and kiddos always love me. It's a curse I must live with.

I don't know why these two posed for me to take their pic, but here it is... uncle and nephew in all their mighty splendor of manhood and coolness...

Even Belle got in on the corn hole action - she'd jump for the bags. It was hilarious. A still shot doesn't do it justice...

Denise and I played a game against Jennifer and Janice... we were pretty terrible. We only went to 10 (instead of 21) and Denise and I actually won. Somehow...

Let's just call this shot "caught red handed" how bout? That little delight is red like Kool Aid, but kiddy drink it's not... that right there is what Barney Fife might call "mulberry squeezin's" or you might just call it homemade wine. Yep. Mmm hmm... smile, you're on Lyndy's camera (or as Anthony's uncle says CAMREE)  

Mikayla is only 19 months old and has enough energy for a room fulla kids. Whew! Sweet as pie and cute as a button though! She was lovin' on Sugar and Sugar didn't mind, not one bit. Presh!

This is.. we'll just call him Anthony's CRAZY uncle... he told Anthony to take our picture (even told me to put my arm around him) and I'll be dogged if he didn't plant a kiss on my cheek about the time Anthony was takin' the pic. Thankfully Anthony has a slow trigger finger. This is actually after the was like time froze... 

At the end of the day though..... we made us some memories and had a real good meal. And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday with our little buddy

Riley came to play Saturday. Full throttle!

He brought a game of memory cards. He had 8 matches to my 4 in our first game. He didn't enjoy when I got a match though. He also brought his cars and the cool race track. Fun stuff. And the football, can't forget the Titans football. Anthony would "hold" for him to kick. We threw it some, too. We were outside of course. No real ball in the house people. We don't have kids, but we're not stupid.

Dawson had a football jamboree so we went to that. Warning: if you take someone else's 3 yr old to a game people will tell you how natural you look, ask if you're "practicing" and tell you how that's what you need. Anyway, after the game, we (us and Christy & Dawson) ate Mexican. Riley calls it the "hola place" and loves to order the cheese quesadilla. When his plate came and he didn't eat immediately eat, he told me it was "caliente" and I said ohhh, ok!

We played with the Playdoh. Always fun. My creativity wasn't at its best though. Riley didn't seem to care. ;-)

We played with his puzzle, too. One side is numbers and the other side is letters but when you put it together it forms a treble clef. Very cool ! Riley was able to do it all by himself. He could identify every letter and every number (1-26) without my help.
I mighta got two stuck together and Anthony mighta got em apart... but not before a piece mighta broke, but I mighta had some Super Glue... Riley asked what's Super Glue? I said it's glue that's very strong. And I'm thinking hopefully MAGIC glue so Mom doesn't figure out we broke a piece of the puzzle. Oopsy!

Riley once again wanted to hear the Hawaii Five-O theme song. Then they decided to sing along with and snap fingers to Mele Kalikimaka... whatev floats your boat guys...I'm pretty sure it's too hot to be Christmas time.  

In the bathroom at the house Riley got up on the scales. He said I weigh forty zero. I said you do? Wow. He said yeah, why don't you get on it and see how much you get? No thanks!

Rounded off the day with pb&j - can't beat it!
Fun day with a fun, sweet, energetic boy.