Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's becoming an ANNUAL thing...the fish fry

Anthony's uncle caught some catfish and fried em up for us all. (Stop with your bottom dweller talk cuz I don't care, they taste reallll good, ya hear me?!)  Said he used mini marshmellows for bait. They do say catfish'll eat anything.

The men folk all gathered 'round the truck and trees... no tellin' what world problems they were a-solvin' but I didn't ask. Figure I'm on a "need to know" basis ... apparently I don't need to know.

The women pretty much fought over this little guy (what time we wudn't eatin, talkin and laughin). This here was his first fish fry. Him's little and sweet. Nicole, his mommy, is the one in the blue grinnin (out of pride for makin such a cute kid I'm sure) and she's Anthony's cousin. Yall know Anthony's sis by now... and yes, I got me a squeeze of this little cutie. He tried to talk to me and grinned a whole bunch. Babies and kiddos always love me. It's a curse I must live with.

I don't know why these two posed for me to take their pic, but here it is... uncle and nephew in all their mighty splendor of manhood and coolness...

Even Belle got in on the corn hole action - she'd jump for the bags. It was hilarious. A still shot doesn't do it justice...

Denise and I played a game against Jennifer and Janice... we were pretty terrible. We only went to 10 (instead of 21) and Denise and I actually won. Somehow...

Let's just call this shot "caught red handed" how bout? That little delight is red like Kool Aid, but kiddy drink it's not... that right there is what Barney Fife might call "mulberry squeezin's" or you might just call it homemade wine. Yep. Mmm hmm... smile, you're on Lyndy's camera (or as Anthony's uncle says CAMREE)  

Mikayla is only 19 months old and has enough energy for a room fulla kids. Whew! Sweet as pie and cute as a button though! She was lovin' on Sugar and Sugar didn't mind, not one bit. Presh!

This is.. we'll just call him Anthony's CRAZY uncle... he told Anthony to take our picture (even told me to put my arm around him) and I'll be dogged if he didn't plant a kiss on my cheek about the time Anthony was takin' the pic. Thankfully Anthony has a slow trigger finger. This is actually after the kiss...it was like time froze... 

At the end of the day though..... we made us some memories and had a real good meal. And that's all I have to say about that.

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