Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday with our little buddy

Riley came to play Saturday. Full throttle!

He brought a game of memory cards. He had 8 matches to my 4 in our first game. He didn't enjoy when I got a match though. He also brought his cars and the cool race track. Fun stuff. And the football, can't forget the Titans football. Anthony would "hold" for him to kick. We threw it some, too. We were outside of course. No real ball in the house people. We don't have kids, but we're not stupid.

Dawson had a football jamboree so we went to that. Warning: if you take someone else's 3 yr old to a game people will tell you how natural you look, ask if you're "practicing" and tell you how that's what you need. Anyway, after the game, we (us and Christy & Dawson) ate Mexican. Riley calls it the "hola place" and loves to order the cheese quesadilla. When his plate came and he didn't eat immediately eat, he told me it was "caliente" and I said ohhh, ok!

We played with the Playdoh. Always fun. My creativity wasn't at its best though. Riley didn't seem to care. ;-)

We played with his puzzle, too. One side is numbers and the other side is letters but when you put it together it forms a treble clef. Very cool ! Riley was able to do it all by himself. He could identify every letter and every number (1-26) without my help.
I mighta got two stuck together and Anthony mighta got em apart... but not before a piece mighta broke, but I mighta had some Super Glue... Riley asked what's Super Glue? I said it's glue that's very strong. And I'm thinking hopefully MAGIC glue so Mom doesn't figure out we broke a piece of the puzzle. Oopsy!

Riley once again wanted to hear the Hawaii Five-O theme song. Then they decided to sing along with and snap fingers to Mele Kalikimaka... whatev floats your boat guys...I'm pretty sure it's too hot to be Christmas time.  

In the bathroom at the house Riley got up on the scales. He said I weigh forty zero. I said you do? Wow. He said yeah, why don't you get on it and see how much you get? No thanks!

Rounded off the day with pb&j - can't beat it!
Fun day with a fun, sweet, energetic boy.

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