Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just a thought or two

<-> Ya know it's time to clean out your purse when this....
has been in there for like a week and you just realized it.

<-> My boss has his two girls in a private girls only school (think nuns, k?) and the little one is kinda a mess anyway...she's 9 and yesterday he emailed me this:
           So (insert daughter's name) just texted me that her homework
           assignment is to ask me what my favorite Bible verse is. What's my
           favorite Bible verse?
My reply:
           One of my favorites is Phillipians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ
           which strengtheneth me.
My coworker's reply:
            That was the one I was going to say as soon as I got off the phone!
My boss's reply:
            Isn't that funny? We all three have the same favorite Bible verse.

<-> Do you ever forget, for like a nanosecond, where you are? I do. One day this week I was out walking a mile around campus at work all by myself and ...
I spit
Yep, just like a country boy on a tractor. I glanced around non-chalantly and breathed a sigh of relief. Not a soul. My ladylikeness was saved.

<-> A friend gave me one of those organic energy bars to try. Had soybeans and oats in it. I have to tell ya, when I unwrapped the thing, I was less than impressed. It was a brown conglomerate blockasumthin that was similar to what I've seen in poopy diapers. Seriously. My childhood mud pies formed in the back yard on hot summer days were better lookin than this thing. But I did the grown up thing and...I tried it. Ick! After the first bite, I felt like scraping my tongue and burning my taste buds plumb off. I immediately ran to find relief - my good friend Angela had some candy corn that did the trick. God bless friends (with snacks who are willing to share with a friend in need).

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  1. Oh, Lyndy. Have I done things myself without thinking and have to turn and quickly check to make sure no one was watching! LOL Cute stories!