Wednesday, February 22, 2012

weekend wildness...not really

Yes, I realize it's hump day (aka Wednesday) but I didn't tell ya about my weekend. And I know you're just dyin to hear bout it.

Friday night Anthony went to the OAR concert with his buddy Jason (say the letters, not the thing you use in a boat oh-ay-arr..stands for Of A Revolution). Do you know the song Shattered? That's theirs. 
How many times can I break til I shatter? 
Over the line can't define what I'm after. 
I always turn the car around.  
Anyway, after the show they talked to the guys and even got a couple pics. 
 Marc Roberge, the lead singer
Jerry DePizzo, the saxophone player

If ya know me, I ain't a loner. I grabbed Bridgett up for the night and she was wantin a steak so to Texas Roadhouse we went. Yum.

Saturday was um, not exactly noteworthy. Ran 4 miles, shower, laundry, Pinterest, Dawson's basketball game, more laundry, more Pinterest, dinner with the hub @Chili's.

Sunday we visited a church with our friends that was pretty awesome. Will definitely go back. Had lunch at the Barrel after. Lovin the fellowship. Next Sunday we have a gig. Lookin forward to gettin the old gang together. 

Made Olive Garden zuppa last night. It was pretty good even if I did make it. Got the recipe from and it didn't even need any tweaking. :-) 

This morning I took Bryson and McKenzie to school since Jen still can't drive yet (doctor's orders). That was kinda fun and weird. Never been in the "parents drop off car line" before. 

Oh and my work is still nuts! It's just so busy and I'm pooped when I get home. But at least I'm not watchin the clock for quittin time, right? And I have a great job, so for that I'm real thankful. 

Til next time - peace and some fish grease!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Someone new to love... 
arrived on Valentine's Day <3

He was a big un, delivered by c-section

 His mom
as you see, already in love with him

His dad (Anthony's stepbrother)
probably tryin' to decide how soon he can take him hunting with him

 the big sis
ready to show him off to all her friends
 the big brother
can't keep his hands off him
soon to be favorite Uncle Anthony
Aunt Lyndy
dyin' to photograph the daylights out of him

 Don't you want to squeeze those cheeks?! 

Dear Sawyer,
I'm just a short walk away next door if they mistreat ya buddy. Come to our house for cookies, chips, pretty much all the junk food your parents proly won't letcha have, video games, legos, playdoh, board games, and all the hide & seek you can stand. We are in the business of spoiling! The only thing I ask of you is that you let me photograph you. A LOT. 
Aunt Lyndy