Sunday, July 20, 2014

last week's happenings

I heard somebody say recently that sometimes we miss out on the good things in the present because we're always looking ahead, looking forward to something in the future. 

I totally get that.

And I've been guilty of it. 

The work week is sometimes a struggle. { can I get an Amen? } How many times have we all said HURRY UP FRIDAY or I CAN'T WAIT TIL THE WEEKEND

BUT... I'm glad that most of my days are filled with really great things. 

Time with my hubby. Aka my soul mate. Aka my best friend. The dude that knows more about me than anyone else on the planet and loves me anyway. { read "puts up with me and doesn't kill me" } 

Lookin out my back door at this - -  not mad about it

God's creation is magnificent, isn't it? 

He's given me some awesome friends. 
Friends who are distantly related to me. 
Friends at church. 
Friends at work. 
A friend of a friend. 

Friends who are less tan than me. teehee

Friends who are more tan than me. teehee

Friends with more shoes, clothes and jewelry than me. ;-)

Seriously though - I enjoyed shopping with my girl Bridgett last week. Aka pale arm. lol She's kinda like my kid sister. And she puts up with endless texts. And pics of my cat. And pointless things. Many many pointless things. Lol 

Aaaannd celebrating Angela's birthday at The Cheesecake Factory Friday was one for the books. Working with these gals is always an adventure. It's cool to be FRIENDS with your co-workers. 

My goodness - 
    can't leave this one out!

Enjoyed some Jesus talk with this precious girl yesterday AND had my first Starbucks experience. So there's that.

All in all it was a pretty good week.

Live life and love every minute yall! 

hand lettering by yours truly

The other day I was reading another blog & the author was learning to do some hand lettering
here's the post from The Small Things Blog 
I've seen this kind of stuff around Pinterest. 

I've always kinda liked doodling, writing stuff out and making cool block letters and what not. I'll admit it's gotten me through a few boring meetings.
But I've never tried to make my doodle really cute, ya know?

After a couple of attempts with pencil, I decided to dive on in the water and make one for a friend's wedding and ink it. 

I like how it turned out, although it's a little different from my "first draft."

Here's the finished product  - - 

And this was my first sketch 

I definitely figured out during this process that I needed a good eraser. 

Or as I called it in my younger days, a re-raser. 

My first attempt at hand lettering was a copy from one I saw when I googled hand lettering. Only I switched one word in the phrase... instead of writing oh crap I wrote oh mercy. Cuz ya know. . . 

THEN I decided to sketch out my favorite Bible verse. Lots of people were posting "challenges" to share your favorite verse and I hadn't been challenged but it inspired me to doodle it any hoo.

Again - pencil... may ink this one sometime or another. 

And last but not least... this one is fairly simple. 
Again, a copy of one I saw from a Google search. Made it for my bestie.

So maybe I'll try to come up with something cool for this year's Christmas cards. If I do, you better know I'm gonna be finding a quality copy service to duplicate those bad boys cuz leaning over a paper can give you neck pain. Trust me on this.