Monday, December 31, 2012

So long 2012, you've been a good one

This will be my last blog post in 2012. 


Of course we have to take a trip down memory lane. And if you expect it to be brief trip, you don't know me. So skim if you must, but you may miss some of the good stuff. Just sayin. 

Family stuff
~ In February Anthony's step brother and his wife added to the fam... and he's a super sweet babe. 
 2 weeks old
 Big sis McKenzie is 14, big brother Bryson is 7 (til October, when he turned 8) so the kids are 7 years apart
crawling finally ;-) 

~ My nephew Caleb joined the Army
So that meant we haven't gotten to see him as much this year. But we're very proud of him. 

~ My niece and her hubby are expecting twin boys.
So excited!
So excited!

Us stuff 
~ 2012 was a year for concerts! 
*Keith Urban's All for the Hall Benefit
*Grand Ole Opry featuring Alan Jackson
*Zac Brown Band 
*Grand Ole Opry - induction of Darius Rucker
*Zac Brown Band Southern Ground Music & Food Festival
*Kelly Clarkson
They were all awesome... if I had to pick a favorite... well I can't. I just can't!

~ After living in our house for 5 years, we finally painted a room. We painted the utility room AND Anthony's room upstairs. 

~ We had a pretty major church change. Left the church I had attended since I was 11. The only church Anthony and I have ever attended together. That was tough. But change is always tough. After some visiting around and seeking God, we've ended up at a great place. 

~ At Tinsley's annual check up this year, the vet said she wasn't obese, but she's a little heavy at 14 lbs. She didn't put her on a diet or anything. I don't know why she thinks Tinsley is chubby... 

~ We went to a Vandy football game (only my third college football game EVER)

~ We went on our summer vacation with Anthony's fam and had a great time... 
in Fort Walton the past two summers 
Ahh, how I miss the beach...good times

~ We did our anniversary weekend in Gatlinburg
Yeah, it was that fun!
I'm such a lucky girl! 13 years of marriage to this guy.

Me stuff
~ I had a goal and I started working on it in January.. 
 I wanted to run a half marathon.

So I followed a training schedule... and I did it!

 Country Music Half Marathon 
April 28, 2012
Nashville, Tennessee

My friend Angela convinced me to do another one with her in September... which meant training in the hot summer months (oh me)
But we did it! 

Women's Half Marathon
September 21, 2012
Nashville, Tennessee

I've run more than 500 miles this year. I don't anticipate a repeat of that in 2013.

~ I met Edens Edge at a work function... 

So that's just about it... 

Take a look back, but don't linger... 
2013 is almost here and regrets are a waste of time. 
Make 2013 great!