Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keith Urban & Vince Gill ALL FOR THE HALL 2012

On Monday the hubs text me and asked if I'd wanna go Tuesday night to the Keith Urban "All for the Hall" concert in Nashvegas. I was iffy for a minute, then I googled it. 

So many talented artists. A good cause. I was in like a wedgie. 

We encountered no traffic probs. You think I'm lying don't you? Traffic in Nashville is always horrible. But tonight, I guess the traffic angels guided us.

We had time to dine. Er, I mean eat. Cuz I reckon when ya eat at a joint with a pig on its sign, it's not what most folk would call fine dining.

It really was good. I stuck with my standard of course - - the brisket. Hush Brandi. I <3 it. Anthony did his usual shredded. So predictable that boy. Notice my clean plate. Always. 
The concert was grrrreat! Keith Urban kicked it off with You're Gonna Fly and Sweet Thing, Anth's two faves. Then Vince did an old tune Amy. Keith & Vince were part of the house band for the entire night. Coo coo COOL ! 
I guess I've been under a rock mosta my life cuz I didn't know Vince could tear a guitar up. Good job VG. Real good job. 

One observation: Keith wasn't as "pretty" that night. Told the hubs that. He said yeah, he's not all glammed up like he usually is for those award shows. 

This here group was my fave of the night. Oh how I <3 them.
They did Postcard from Paris and You Lie. Two great ones.  
Shoot, they could have sung the ABC's and Ida been sangin' along with em & la-la-lovin it.
I'm not a die hard country fan ya see... I recognize Little Big Town by the girl who has Chia Pet hair. I think I'd be tempted to shave my head and wear wigs if my hair was that big & curly.  
But their harmony is so tight. They did Boondocks. I was glad for that one. It's the only tune of theirs I know. :-P 
Lady A rocked the house. They did We Own the Night. And nailed it of course. Then American Honey, one of my personal faves. 

Every group did 2 songs except for Merle Haggard. He got to do like four. What the what? Not cool. Come on. Really.

The Oak Ridge Boys and Alabama were pretty cool to see. You know those fellas gotta be tired of singin Elvira, but they did her one more time. Alabama did a couple sappy ones. 

I like Thompson Square pretty good and Kiss Me or Not was good live just like on the raid-gee-oh!

Was underwhelmed by Miranda Lambert and her Pistol Annies. Not a fan of her generally though. So. . . 

Don't even get me started about Rascal Flatts. (groan) I hate Gary's nasal sounding voice. BUT I will say that their second song, Life is a Highway, was pretty cool. And they got them some fans, do you hear me? The place went crazy when they announced em. I just don't get it. Eh. Anyway.

Diamond Rio isn't my cup, but they have some nice tight harmony. Gotta give em props for that.

This guy ... 
Um, he had a little too much fun.
See, I'm a people watcher. And I spied him early on. He was havin himself a good ole time all right. So good in fact it got him some special attention from a couple of security guards. And away he went. Buh-bye drunk guy. I'm sure the folks sittin near ya are guh-lad you were taken away buddy. We're all here to see a show. And that show does not include you dancin around like a fool. K? Next time have a little self control. It'll probably keep ya outta the clink. 

Ok, so I stink at doing the self portrait thing. I think only tweens, teens and 20somethings are good at that. Seriously. And Anthony hates when I ask strangers to take our pic. 

So what happens? 

ten kinds of terrible

and this...
When I saw this one, I laughed. For about 5 minutes. It just hit me funny. I'm glad my sweetie is silly sometimes. Life's too short to be a stick in the mud all the time. And trust me, I know some folk that are like that. 

So that's about it. I didn't wag the big camera, so these shots aren't the bestest. But we had ourselves a good ole time and I think we're gonna plan to go to this thang every year!