Saturday, December 27, 2014

hoping your Christmas was perfect!

( waves)

Hi there. 
Yeah, December was crazy busy
I hope your Christmas was perfect! We had a great one.

Here's some of the F U N stuff that's been going on in our little corner of the world during the busiest month of the year.

ugly sweater partying 
winning a prize and what not 
(I won for the best DIY - seein as how Goodwill came up short for me this year) 
Please notice the lights - so pumped I finally got some of those! And yeah, that's a tree skirt tee hee thank ya Goodwill

live tree buying 
our first ever (swoon
when Anthony started sneezing his head off, we took down Mr. Live Tree & replaced with Mr. Artificial Tree 

eh whatevs
Can't stop won't stop my Christmas cheer over here. :- ) 

ornament swapping with the BRAs (back row altos)

Christmas breakfasting with Anthony's family

shopping for the less fortunate with some of my 8th grade girls at church 
everyone takes a pic in the fabric aisle of Walmart, right?  

Christmas doodling 

Christmas partying with old friends

Christmas partying with new friends in a cool barn

singing about the birth of the Saviour with some of my faves

birthday celebrating 

last minute Christmas card making 
 thank goodness for digital innovation and Walgreens for us procrastinators

I did manage to squeak out a few homemade cards (idea stolen of course from random pinner on Pinterest)

concert going with friends  

oh hey there Justin Timberlake

and last but certainly not least
Christmasing with family cuz that's the best 

That's a wrap guys. Catch ya in 2015 !