Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturdays are for...

  • going to breakfast and then to buy mums with your mum
  • going to a football game
  • being serenaded by your hubby who plays a mean acoustic guitar
  • reading a book
  • laundry (unfortunately)
  • pizza & watching football on tv

() Mom and I didn't do our usual Barrel breakfast. Went for chicken biscuits at Chick Fil A. Mmmm What's funny though - we were both wearing the same shade of yellow with a thin white stripe. Why didn't I take a pic? Because I'm a loser.

() Dawson is a 3rd grader (the hubby's nephew) and plays in a peewee league on Saturdays. The sun was perfecto, but the wind...not so much. And no, I probably didn't need to be out in the chilly air with this sinus crud, but I'm on antibiotics so hopefully I didn't do any harm.

() Sometimes if Anthony gets a song in his head, he pulls out the GIT-TAR and plays. It started out with a church song then of course switched to a Zac Brown song or two. These are the moments that make life sweet. He's so talented. His fingers make music. How cool is that?!

() Anthony loves college football sooo much. He is a Roll Tide fan and a Gator hater. Sorry Angela - you know it's the truth. We can still be friends though. :-) I sorta watch but mostly I'm just there to be in the same room with my man. I read or play my iPod. Because I'm a good wife.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Random thoughts by Lyndy
  • Hummingbirds are fun to watch, but there are hummingbird bullies. You remember in elementary school when you were at the water fountain, the swing, whatev, and this bully kid came up and with nothing more than a mean face could scare you away? Yeah. Those dudes apparently exist in birddom (bird kingdom). Sometimes at our feeders, you'll see a bully just scaring away the other birds for no reason. Hey fella - there's enough feed for alluhyall. 
  • Speaking of cat has been snooty lately. She stays upstairs in one of our spare bedrooms all the time. It's like she's a teenager. Only comes out for food and to potty. If she starts asking for money or to use the car... 
  • Sometimes I ignore the warnings about raw egg products and what not and I enjoy a pinch of an uncooked raw chocolate chip cookie. It's dough yo! And it's good!
  • I'm mad at Mary today. She has discontinued my fave eye shadow and changed my makeup and I'm just not sure what # Beige I am now... Ms. Kay, why ya gotta change things? WHY???
  • I have a sinus infection and had to get a shot and some antibiotics yesterday. Blah! So today I couldn't get my flu shot. Phooey! They tested me for strep though and it was negative. (do I hear a hallelujah?!)
  • It's cool enough now for hoodies. Somethin to celebrate? Yep. Cuz I <3 some hoodies! 
  • The burn on my arm is healing up pretty well. Did I tell ya I burned it on the heating element thingy in my oven the morning I cooked breakfast for my mom's birthday? Yeah. Second degree... buh-bye dermis... got some cream from the doc though.
  • I talked to my little momma on the way home from work today. She asked me for a date. tee hee We're gonna hunt for mums this weekend.
  • I'm smiling and happy right now because me & my beloved just enjoyed a mini Blizzard and watched a *NEW* episode of The Office (do it Nard dog!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend update by Lyndy

Friday night - no big shock here. Dinner and grocery shopping. Don't knock it til ya try it. It's date night 4 us. :-P

Saturday - Anthony had to roll out circa 5 am to go to work for a few hours. I slept in a bit. When I got up I decided the weather was perfect-o-mundo for a run. Ran 5 miles. Hadn't done that in a while cuz in case ya hadn't noticed, it's been reeeeeal hot this summer.

Did a smidge of laundry and became engrossed in a Shania Twain documentary on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) whilest the husband was gone to get some brake pads put on the wifey's car. Got a road trip comin up to be prepared for...remember? Peace. Love. Sandy Feet. Ringin' a bell? Perhaps a wedding bell? Yeah, we're heading to the sunshine state in a few for a wedding. Ahhhh mentally picturing myself relaxing on the beach now.

Bridgett came down to hang with us (cuz we're so cool) and we ended up deciding to go eat a steak for dinner. Yum! Texas Roadhouse was the winner. And it was great.

Sunday - survived the first Sunday at my church without my daddy as pastor. Whew. It will get easier. It will get easier. It will get easier... right?

Bridge went to lunch with us at the Barrel after church. She went on home to do some homework (she's in school 2b a teach) and I napped. For.a.long.long.time.

I convinced her to run with me so we did a mile and a half.

Then we worked on this bulletin board ...
well, I only helped... it was her project. We used my Cricut machine, the DonJuan font. Had to be somethin about health. The left side is the bad stuff and over to the right are some good/healthy habits. It turned out good, dontcha think?!

Well, that's it for me... nuthin too terribly exciting. But anythehoooo