Sunday, September 7, 2014

girl time = fun time

Before summer slipped away and school started back I decided to have a sleepover at my house with some of the girls from our Quest group earlier this year. One of the college girls I was teamed up with also came along for the fun. Bailey is one of mah faves! 

We started off swimming next door. Thankful for neighbors/family who share their pool. ;-) 

And we had pizza and played some games. Cuz what's a sleepover without pizza & games? 

Lots of laughs. 
Some squeals. 
All in all I'd say fun was had. If not, they're good at fakin' it. 

This game was a pretty big hit. 

Each girl wrote down a city, a job, a husband and a number for how many kids.. kinda like the old MASH game if you played that back in the day. 

Well of course they tried to get super crazy with their answers. We would draw each paper out of the bag and it would apply to one particular girl. 

One of the husband answers made one girl scream, jump up off the couch and run upstairs hopping across the balcony, where she eventually slid down the wall with her face in her hands. I'm guessing she thinks that boy is gross. 

We also played hide and seek, sardines style. In.the.dark. Pretty awesome. 

Then we finished off the night with 2 or 3 movies. And popcorn. Of course.
They eventually all went to sleep. 

In the morning we played hide and seek again. In the daylight. Inside AND out. Way more fun than it sounds. Trust me on this. 

Oh, one last thing - 
Bailey drives a Jeep. 

I've never ridden in a Jeep. Never. Not ever.
And Anthony has wanted one since the beginning of time but I've always said no no noooooo. . . . I may have even gone as far as saying you can get one, after I'm dead

Well, I asked Bailey to take me for a spin in hers and.... it was pretty awesome. 

Another reason this sleepover was sweet.
The end.