Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The September Kelly Clarkson show in Nashville (and the Fray)

On September 15th (the weekend BEFORE the half marathon I'm sure you're tired of hearing about) me and my hubby and our friend Bridgett and her boyfriend headed down to Nashville the big city for the Kelly Clarkson concert. (ahem) the concert we bought tickets for back in April. This was the final show of her Stronger tour. 

Before we even got inside Bridgestone Arena, we noticed a bit of a hubbub outside. It was Colton Dixon of American Idol fame. No he didn't win, but he was dang good and he's a local - from middle Tennessee just like us.

He was cool - posing with every fan that wanted a pic with him. That night I started following him on Twitter.  

The first opening act for Kelly was Carolina Liar. If I'm being honest, their band sounded good but the lead, not so much. 

Then The Fray came out ~  ~  ~ 

See us whilest we sit in the floor section in some mighty fine seats - - 

The lead singer for The Fray, Isaac Slade came out into the audience and they had a keyboard set up like right by us... it was spittin' distance as they say in the country. Cool stuff. Woulda been cooler if we were sittin in the row he literally ran through. Talk about crazy! 

But let's face it. We bought these tickets cuz we wanted to hear Kelly's pipes. 

And blow the roof off she did! 

She sang
My Life Would Suck Without You
Behind These Hazel Eyes
I Forgive You
Dark Side
Let Me Down
We Are Young
Already Gone
Don't You Wanna Stay
I Know You Won't (a Carrie Underwood cover - fan request)
Go Rest High on that Mountain (a Vince Gill cover - Kelly's own choice)
You Love Me
Since U Been Gone

This was a little catwalk type stage right behind us. Super cool. 
She sang Already Gone from this here spot. Probably because she was having trouble hearing & seeing me from the main stage.

For the encore, she did ~ 
Because of You
Mr. Know It All
Miss Independent

A few things you should know before attending a Kelly Clarkson show: 
#1 You will hear her amazing voice and wish you could sing just like her
#2 She will NOT mess up ever
#3 She's really funny when she talks to the audience between songs
#4 You shouldn't expect a buncha lights and smoke and junk. Her voice is the focus of the show. Although she does change clothes several times. So if you're into that.
#5 You'll love her

It was so awesome to go to a concert and hear someone sing flawlessly and be so so very entertaining. Her band sounded great, too. But since I'm a singer, I always focus on the vocals :-P

During the show she told us that her new home is Nashville. Cool! She said her and her boyfriend had recently moved here. And her dog. Hope we run into em sometime. I think she'd be cool to hang out with.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September Photo A Day Project - the last 20 days

The conclusion of the September Photo A Day project I participated in via Instagram (my new favorite obsession) and Twitter ~ 
yes I'm a smidge late posting. . . such is life 

Day 11 - Hero 
I couldn't choose just ONE hero. Nope. Both my parents are pretty heroic!

Day 12 - Together  
As far as I'm concerned ketchup & fries are a match made in Heaven. 

Day 13 - Table 
A quick trip downstairs at work gave me this photo op ... 

Day 14 - Favorite 
On September 15th my sweet hubby took me to hear Kelly Clarkson (one of my faves) in Nashville. It was an awesome concert that I haven't had a chance to blog about. 

Day 15 - First thing you see 
Some mornings this furball is right in my face

Day 16 - Strange 
My mother-in-law's kitty is pretty strange sometimes ;-) 

Day 17 - In my fridge 

Day 18 - Price 
no worries - didn't pay full price for these puppies... they were ON SALE!

Day 19 - Underneath 
My gym bag is by my side a whole lot.  

Day 20 - Man-made 
I love these things. I hope that doesn't make me weird. They just amuse me by how they flop and jerk. Kinda like me when I try to dance. 

Day 21 - Sometimes 

Carb loading the night before the big race. Yum Olive Garden. Yum!

Day 22 - Up 
Up on stage - Zac Brown Band YEAH!!
Another thing I haven't blogged about yet. This little event happened the night of the race. Yes, as in Lyndy got up at 4:30 am and ran 13.1 miles and later that day trekked back downtown for 6 hours of live music. Tired feet.

Day 23 - Before bedtime 

Day 24 - 3 things 
I spy three little acorns. Babies they are. Saw em  under a tree during a nice afternoon break at work.

Day 25 - Frame 
Found a frame layin around at work. Decided to hang it on my wall. And put my purse in the middle. Simple enough? 

Day 26 - Near 
Near me. Almost always.
Day 27 - Love/Hate 
I really do love some chocolate milk, but I despise OJ. Ick! When I was little my mom bought the kind with pulp in it and I'd say I don't like that, it has feathers in it. :-P 

Day 28 - A good thing 
Pizza is always good, but it was especially good this night because I had been craving it for about a week. Yum!

Day 29 - Errand  
This wasn't really an errand per say, but it was something we had to do. Lol We went to see a friend's little boy play football. 

Day 30 - You, then 
My kindergarten pic
go ahead & say it - what happened? You used to be so cute!

There ya have it folks. A month's worth of pics by me. Kinda fun. Every day I kept my eyes peeled for the shot I wanted to post for that day's subject. But I'm not doing October so no worries. :-)