Saturday, October 22, 2011

My morning so far

Bridgett came over last night and stayed til a little after 2. Yeah. That's A M (as in the morning)... So I got up this mornin about 10 til 9.
Cook eggs & toast (sensible breakfast)
Use the bathroom (TMI?)
Empty dishwasher 
Sort laundry
Put a load in
Run 5 miles (in 52 minutes btw)
Lay down on the road by the mailbox (literally, down there with the ants)
Walk one tenth of mile up the MASSIVELY HILLY driveway to my home

Next up: Shower, Dawson's football game, probably more laundry, Bryson's birthday party, watch UT/Bama game

My oh my what a day ....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beach getaway recap

If you thought you'd endured all the pics from our beachy keen weekend, ha! Shows what YOU know!

Friday night we looked like this .... to go here...

My sweet friend Brandi said her and her hubby loved this joint. It was nice and the food was good. But our first problem happened when we asked a few questions of our kind young waiter. 
So we need to PEEL the shrimp?
Yeah, but it's no big deal.
We've never peeled shrimp.
You just take your thumb and run it up from the head. It's easy.
So the shrimp have heads
Yes (grin & stifled laugh).
But we can get them taken off? 
Yeah, but there's a $2 charge and I personally think it's a waste of money. 
Well, I really don't know if I can handle lookin at those little eyes, so let's behead the little guys.
(chuckle) Ok..
So when these formerly breathing, swimming creatures arrive at our table I was a smidge creeped out, I ain't gonna lie. They had legs, lotsuvem. I was brave and started peeling... the slimy little guys tried to get away from me. When they say fresh, they mean it. lol But I ate em and they tasted good. I noticed Anth was focused on his crab legs and thought about offering to peel summa his shrimp, but I was elbow deep in my own. Ha! The taties (potatoes) and corn were yummy too btw. About midway through my plate, I started noticing POOP in my shrimp. Criminy! I didn't realize they weren't necessarily deveined. And nobody told me how to do that, so I didn't eat all of em. I was full by then anyhoo.
Oh well, makes for a good story. Right?

Saturday and Sunday I tried to be the best BEACH BUM I could be.

Finished a book while we were there. Yay me.
Sorry my hair is lookin like somethin outta the 70s - it was really windy all weekend.

We ran to the B&B Saturday afternoon to make sure we knew where the wedding was and all, so we swung by the Donut Hole for a piece of key lime pie. They charge $3.50 a slice, so they talked us into a whole pie, which was a mere $12.50. Disappointed. Not as yummy as expected. Had a WHANG to it as my daddy would say.

Since there weren't a ton of peeps on the beach, the seagulls thought it was their zip code. And yes, I finally succumbed to the temptation... I got up and ran over to a group of em and chased em away. And I giggled the whole time. I felt like I was three years old again. HA
I think I saw a stranger nearby looking at me with amusement. I.don'

And there was a bit of shoppin' to do... but before that, we had to lose one of our room keys...and search for it for like 30 minutes in the room and on the beach and everything in between...and in the meantime get irritated with each other playing the "blame game" but all's well that ends well... the key was in a secret side pocket of the beach bag. Crisis averted. Well sorta...
SOMEbody needed a new polo shirt. Mmm hmm yeah, cuz we don't already have like two dozen.
I know I should hush. I have like 10 times as many clothes and shoes as my man...

Anthony's scoping out the beef jerky. Like ten million varieties. He was in man heaven pretty much. He may have grunted like Tim Allen at one point, Idk. Ended up with a couple bags and some nasty boiled peanuts. $35 later..... ask me if any of it made it back to Tennessee...

A funny shirt, dontcha think?

They had others equally as amusing...
PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals
There's Room for All God's Creatures - Right Next to my Mashed Potatoes
Tree Huggin' is OK... as long as you're climbin' up to your deer stand

Sunday night we ended up havin' dinner at Pompano Joe's with the newlyweds and some of the folks that stuck around after the wedding. It was nice visiting with them. And the food was YUMMY! Oh, and did I mention I got to hold little Avery? Yeah. He was sweet and grinned at me a lot. I think he wants to come live with us.

Ate kinda light at the PJ so we could go back
to our favorite treat spot - Shake's
Anth had chocolate of course and I tried the turtle this time.
The key lime pie one I had back in the summer was better.

But friends, all good things must come to an end. What a shame.
This view from our condo balcony?
I could so get used to it... like 24/7 365

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last weekend, a beach wedding

Sorry I fell off the grid folks... last weekend we had to go to a beachy wedding. Emerald coast. It was calling our names. It said Anthony, Lyndy, I miss you. Please come back.
Tough life, huh? ;-)
Tu du beach twice in a few weeks.
Spoiled we are.

Me and my sweetheart

The bride and groom

Clint and Kyla have been together for about 6 years. They had a sweet baby boy ~6 months ago. Decided to get hitched and make it official. They're a sweet couple. They have that spark, ya know? You can tell they're both just gaga for each other. Young and in love. 

God showed off (if He's capable of such) as they were taking the pics after the (uber brief) ceremony and threw a rainbow in the sky. Special!

Clint handed off his kid, his firstborn, his ONLY kid, to my husband. Not sure that he knew Anthony has only held like 2 or 3 babies in his life, but the kid seemed to like Anth. Did a lotta smilin' and no cryin'   

 Not that you need much decoration with the beautiful sand & ocean, but the flowers and sprigs of grass on the end of the aisles were a nice touch. And the center aisle for the wedding party to walk down was swept neatly before the ceremony to make it all pretty with lines and lovely rose petals were strewn along the edges. We sat in those white chairs like you see on tv beach weddings.
We know the groom (Clint) and his fam, and three of the dudes that were groomsmen. We went to school with all of em in our tiny little one traffic light town. Didn't know any of the folks on the bride's side, but they seemed nice.

At the reception, they called up the married couples so we danced to a slow song. I've decided there's not enough slow dancin' once you get outta high school. Anyhoo. At the reception we mostly observed the other crazy folks dancin' and lemme tell ya it was entertaining!

When they played Brown Eyed Girl, my husband and sweetie decided he should take his brown eyed girl out on the dance floor. I was tryin' to do like Hitch (Will Smith) advised Albert Brennaman... keep it right here (side to side, nothin' fancy) cuz whilest my man CAN dance... Lyndy? Not su much.

 Anthony and Clint have been tight since 1st grade.
He's a cool dude.

Well that's a quick tour of the wedding portion of our suhweet weekend on the Emerald Coast. So glad we got to go be a part of Clint & Kyla's special day.