Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the new shoes arrived T O D A Y

Buh bye little worn out sandals. You've had a good life on my feet. 
You have haven't you? 
Didn't I make you feel loved, wearing you in the warm months at least once a week for the last couple years? 
You hafta admit, I let you hang on past your prime. Because I loved you that much. 

We had a good run, you and me. A good run indeed.

But you're being replaced. 
With a newer less scuffed version of you. And some that came in a box
Fancy pants.

Makes me happy ! 
Thank you Macy's. 
Thank you Mr. Postman for delivering this here box on my front porch today. (sigh) 

Too bad tomorrow is casual day. 
Oh well, there's always Monday. Or Sunday. Church... yeaaah, need to find an outfit with black to wear. That should be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new... S H O E S

I have a favorite pair of shoes I bought at Marti & Liz (a discount shoe store I l-o-v-e <3)

I wear em all the time when the weather is warm and my toes are needing some air. 
Like today. 
They're great for several reasons...
  1) they're black (ahem, I wear a lotta black)
  2) they're high enough, but not too tall
  3) they're comfy
  4) they're a wedge & easy to walk in
  5) you can never go wrong with a thong style sandal 
  6) they're simple enough they pretty much go with everything
  7) they're just cute! 

But, if you didn't notice in the pic above... you will in these... 

Yes, I'm a fan of a black Sharpie for touch ups. (shame)
As Angela & Brandi would say, 
Lyndy them's to the dust girl! 

Since I looked down at em in Sunday School this morning and kinda cringed, thinking oh, I hope these ladies sittin by me don't look too closely, I figured it was time for a replacement pair. 

Fingers crossed, I first tried but had zero luck there. Sadness.

Then I just googled "Style & Co wedge thong sandals" and ba-BOOM! Macy's came through for me. And even better was the price. El cheapo sandals-o! $29.98? Yes please. 

Thanks Macy's cuz you made my day. 
Now hurry up and ship em my way. 

Here's the link so YOU can buy some, too!