Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving Blessings - post 3 of 3 (yes this is the final post on Thanksgiving 2012)

This is my crew... 
   the mamas and the papas, the babies and the big uns. . . and a couple twins in the oven of my niece's womb

My dad only has one brother. For Thanksgiving this year he and his wife joined us and they brought Ma Ma (my 90 year old grandmother). She's one of a kind fo sho!

We had a bit of a singalong and sang a bunch of church songs.
It was awesome sauce. 
My family is pretty stinkin cool when it comes to this kind of thing. Even if I say so myself.

This picture of my parents - it's SO going in the photo calendar for next year. Mm hmm
Love it!

Trevor, he doesn't sing much. 
He made friends with Kerlandy's doll and just listened to our beautiful harmony.

Sasha has an itty bitty baby bump from those twin babies she's insulating. I can't wait!

Trevor and Leslie wanted me to take their family picture. 
In MY family, that's never an easy task... never ever
   see for yourself - 
Scrapbook perusing... 
The kiddos played several games 
Kerlandy LOVESSSS Aunt Leslie
Kerby pluckin on the good ole guitar... 

The almost 15 year old grandson is growin like a weed but of course Nanny is a shorty ha

I asked Ma Ma if I could get a pic with her and Dad. You know, the kind that's good and everybody's smiling. 

Remember, I said pictures are never an easy task in my family... 

 All's well that ends well ... 

So you see my family is cool and I love em a bunch.

Thanksgiving was really nice and I guess now we have to put it in high gear to a few more birthdays in the fam and Christmas and wrappin up 2012. 


I have so many blessings I couldn't list em all if I tried. God is so good to us and I'm so very thankful.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving Blessings - post 2 of 3

My hubby's family usually gets together a few days before Thanksgiving because everybody has so many places to go and people to see. So we celebrated early. 

We did some eating . . . of course

Little Sawyer is tryin his best to walk... he's skippin the crawling stuff pretty much

There was also some wrestling. . . 

this little guy is too young for wrestling
and also too young for the tanning bed... ahem...  
   but not too young for good smilin ! 

The kids all get measured from time to time and they get to mark their height and age on the wall... Bryson did his while we looked on

I snuck the kiddos outside for a picture that just might appear in Anthony's mom's photo calendar... 

Don't look MeMa!
       Keep on scrollin! 

 Joey & Jen added one this year... and he's a sweet little squirt!

My man and his older sis - - 
   she's five years older than Anthony

I must admit... my favorite part of this side of the family's Thanksgiving festivities is the COUNTRY HAM. 

Just had to throw that in. And reminisce about its deliciousness.