Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving Blessings - post 2 of 3

My hubby's family usually gets together a few days before Thanksgiving because everybody has so many places to go and people to see. So we celebrated early. 

We did some eating . . . of course

Little Sawyer is tryin his best to walk... he's skippin the crawling stuff pretty much

There was also some wrestling. . . 

this little guy is too young for wrestling
and also too young for the tanning bed... ahem...  
   but not too young for good smilin ! 

The kids all get measured from time to time and they get to mark their height and age on the wall... Bryson did his while we looked on

I snuck the kiddos outside for a picture that just might appear in Anthony's mom's photo calendar... 

Don't look MeMa!
       Keep on scrollin! 

 Joey & Jen added one this year... and he's a sweet little squirt!

My man and his older sis - - 
   she's five years older than Anthony

I must admit... my favorite part of this side of the family's Thanksgiving festivities is the COUNTRY HAM. 

Just had to throw that in. And reminisce about its deliciousness. 

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